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The Geology of St Bees
is of great interest to the geologist and physical geographer.

Weather in St Bees

For cost reasons we have had to stop showing live weather. Some data will be updated at intervals to a new weather page that is currently being designed.

For many years the Isle of Man communicated via St Bees.

Priory Paddock
Wildflower garden

Priory Paddock Wildflower Garden 




Coastal Erosion


Local Links

Priory Graveyard



Pending information on this site, you may find these two local sites of interest. Both contain all the information available locally in respect of local burials. is the original Priory web site recording burials.
Data is now being moved over to a new site, Burial Grounds Management System,  to endure long term maintenance. 
Access to this site requires registration.

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