A few useful links

Useful Links

This section provides a variety of links to web sites of various facilities in the area and to information sites.

We will be glad to exchange links with other sites which also aim at providing information to visitors we may be likely to share, both real and virtual, particularly those in Cumbria. We will also be happy to insert links to commercial sites provided the service they are selling is of value to our visitors – Coast to Coast walkers for example – and provided that they are willing to reciprocate with a link back to this site.

We cannot vouch for the sites, but have taken reasonable steps to ensure that they are bona fide sites and do not contain inappropriate information. However, we clearly cannot be responsible for the quality, accuracy or appropriateness of their information.

Caveat emptor!

Visit Cumbria

Visit Cumbria is without doubt, the single definitive web site about Cumbria. It is also the work of one man, Julian Thurgood, who generally has done the research, taken the photos and designed the site. If you want to know about Cumbria, visit his site!

The official web siteThe Official Tourism web site for Cumbria
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