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Navigating the site is not difficult (though at the time of writing, the site has just been converted to a WordPress site, so a few errors may have crept in. If you find them we would be happy to be told about them – email me. Best information to provide is the URL (the page address) you were looking for, or the URL of the page you were on and what  you did when you found the error. Note that incorrect links to this site from other sites need to be addressed by the owners of that site. I have no control over those links.


We have all been exasperated by telephone answering machines that go through several levels of “For sales, press 1, for accounts press 2 …. to record your screams of frustration press 9” before reaching your destination (or finding yourself back where you started). I have found the occasional web site that is not much better.

I have therefore tried to make navigation as quick as possible by ensuring that with few exceptions every page is accessible by no more than 3 clicks. In a few place more was inevitable given the amount of information available. The History section in particular is on the complex side. If you are looking for something in particular, and it is not immediately obvious from the menus and sub-menus, the Search function may be your best option.


Should you not be able to find what you are looking for, try using the site search feature, the magnifying glass on the right of the menu above. This may find something not immediately obvious from the menus.

Adobe Reader

The only problems you may encounter is with some pages which need Adobe Reader.

If this has not already been installed on you computer, go to the sites below and follow the instructions there to install them (free of charge).

Adobe Reader – Click here


If you need any other help regarding the web site, or anything not covered here, please contact me.

And finally

Please note that I cannot supply any leaflets about the village or book accommodation. For the former you need to look at the Tourist Information sites and ask them; for the latter, look on the Accommodation pages for contact details and email or phone the establishment of your choice.

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