Peals rung at St Bees

List of peals rung at St. Bees

38 peals (of more than 5,000 changes rung continuously) have been rung at St Bees
109.11.1858Grandsire triplesFirst peal rung in the County of Cumberland.
209.08.1933Cambridge Surprise MajorRung by a visiting band.
302.01.1950Plain Bob MinorLocal band
426.10.1950Doubles (6 methods)Local band
513.09.1951Minor (4 methods)Local band
624.11.1951Plain Bob MajorLocal band
722.08.1953Plain Bob MinorLocal band
824.03.1962Kent treble Bob Major 
918.05.1963Grandsire triples 
1026.12.1963Kent treble Bob Major 
1125.01.1964Plain Bob Major 
1231.10.1964Plain Bob Major 
1331.01.1970Plain Bob Major 
1423.08.1972London Surprise Major 
1515.06.1974Plain Bob Major 
1628.08.1976Rutland Surprise Major 
1701.12.1979Cambridge Surprise Major 
1810.05.1980Lincolnshire Surprise Major 
1905.07.1983Rutland Surprise Major 
2029.10.1983Yorkshire Surprise Major 
2127.07.1984Quoich Delight Major 
2208.09.1984Grandsire triples 
2329.12.1984Little Bob Major 
2419.05.1985Pudsey Surprise Major 
2525.01.1986Pudsey Surprise Major 
2631.07.1986Spliced Surprise Major (4 methods) 
2727.12.1986Grandsire triples 
2803.05.1987Cambridge Surprise Major 
2928.08.1989Lincolnshire Surprise Major 
3020.01.1990Lincolnshire Surprise Major 
3108.08.1990Stedman triples 
3209.12.1990Oxford treble Bob Major 
3310.05.1992Cambridge Surprise Major 
3431.08.1992Double Norwich Court Bob Major 
3524.07.1994Minor (2 methods) 
3620.04.1995Glasgow Surprise Major 
3705.07.1997Plain Bob Major 
3824.08.2004Yorkshire Surprise Major 
3915.08.2005Plain Bob Major 

The Felsted database is acknowledged as the main source.


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