The Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega

The Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega, was founded in about 1120, and was built on an existing religious site. Its dedication is due to its links with St Mary’s of York and the legendary Irish Princess St Bega.

The pages linked below cover the the life and work of the Priory. To find out more about current services and events please visit the Priory’s own  web site.   

The view on the right shows the massive central tower and some of the remains of the extensive monastic buildings.

Burial data

Information on burials since 1731 can be found at either
(The Burial Grounds site requires registration to access data).


St Bees priory
Rev Becky Gibbs


The Vicar of St Bees Parish Church is the Rev'd Becky Gibbs .....>>



Services are held in the Priory every Sunday and certain Feast days .... >>

Organ console


The Priory has a very strong musical tradition with an excellent choir ..>>.



The large Norman tower of St. Bees Priory contains a fine ring of eight bells ....>>

Early church


The written History of the Priory dates back to 1120, with legend going ... >>

Friends function

Priory Friends

The Friends of the Priory is an organisation that works for the Priory ...>>

Sleeping Child Garden

Sleeping Child

The Sleeping Child Garden is a place for those who have lost young lives .. >>

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

The Priory has numerous Victorian stained glass windows .... >>

Children by Izaro

Children's Ministry

For details of children and young people's ministry see the Priory website

St Bees Man

St Bees Man

St Bees Man is a perfectly preserved 700 year old body ..... >>

Cross shaft

Mediaeval Stones

Our lapidarium houses one of the most extensive collections of ...... >>


We are unable to assist in genealogical research. Priory records are ... >>

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