Village Hall Questionnaire

The Management Committee of St Bees Village Hall is current seeking external funding to carry out some external and internal work on the building to ensure its future sustainability.

We feel that this is an ideal opportunity to review whether the hall meets the needs of the community, or whether there are additional aspects/facilities which could be considered as we prepare a programme of improvements and look for funding assistance.

The hall exists for all members of the community and its future depends on you. We therefore ask you to take a few minutes to consider and complete our  questionnaire which we would like returned by the 12 August. You can return it by

·       emailing it to Claire Hale ( or

·       putting it through the Village Hall letter box

·       sending it via the post to  St Bees Village Hall, 2 Finkle St, St Bees, CA27 0BN, Cumbria

 We will consider all suggestions in terms of benefit to the community and sustainability of the building.  It may not be feasible to meet every suggestion we receive, and it will probably take some time before work gets underway as we need to look for appropriate funding. 

 A number of people have already indicated a willingness to be involved in this project and any further offers would be most welcome, especially anyone with fundraising experience. 

Click here to download  questionnaire



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