Car Parking

Main Beach car parks

The Seacote Beach car parks are the largest and, as the name implies, are by the Seacote Hotel which is at the north end of the bay.

There are two car parks; the Copeland BC car park (nearest the caravan site) and one next to the cafe which is privately run.  Charges apply to both. 

The municipal car park run by Copeland BC
Toilets at the Main Beach car park

Railway Station car park

The railway station car park is on the east side of the railway station. It is accessed from the Main Street.

It has room for about 20 cars and is free, being subsidised by the Parish Council.

Car park at the railway station

Seamill Lane car park

Seamill Lane Beach car park  is the least accessible car park with a long single track lane and an awkward final approach under a narrow railway bridge with 1.9 metre headroom.

Seamill Lane carpark
Seamill car park
Seamill car park entrance
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