St Bees Dead of World War II
Roll of Honour
Information sought

Several Parkers with the initials J.S. appear on the official lists of the Dead, but none has an address in our immediate area.

One possibility is a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Parker, shot down over Belgium in April 1944, but his parents Bert and Sarah Parker have a Whitehaven address and there is nothing to link him to St. Bees.

A T.C. Parker of Keppleway, Broughton on Furness, killed in Normandy in July or early August 1944, is recorded as having had many friends in the Egremont area. But in his case the initials are wrong, and again there is no direct St. Bees link.

I would appreciate any information which might help to prove which J.S. Parker is “ours”.

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