Roll of Honour - St Bees School - World War I

This roll is taken from the comprehensive account of the St. Bees School dead in the First World War in the 152-page book “Roll of Honour and Record of Service” compiled by J W Aldous and published by the “Old St. Beghians Club” of St. Bees School in 1921.

See also St Bees School Victoria Crosses for an account of the School’s three winners.

Pro Patria

The following former masters and pupils gave their lives in the War

Adam, Lt. H: W.

4th July 1918

Adams 2nd Lt. J. P. F.

14th Oct 1917

Adamson, Lt. D

7th June 1919

Alderson, Capt. R., Military Cross.

25th March 1918

Allpass, 2nd Lt. H. B. K.

16th Sept 1916

Armstrong, Lt. L. W.

19th April 1917

Banister, Lt. A/Capt. M.

17th Feb 1916

Banks, Pte. J

14th March 1917

Banks, 2nd Lt. N. C.

15th Sept 1916

Baxter, 2nd Lt. R. P.

16th Sept 1916

Belcher, Pte. H. S.

24th April 1918

Bennett, 2nd Lt. G. W.

3rd Dec 1917

Binney Lt. E. H.

11th Oct 1917

Birkett, 2nd Lt. H.

24th Oct 1918

Blair, Lt. C. E. L., Military Cross.

16th June 1917

Blair, Cpl. R. C. F.

8th April 1919

Braidford, 2nd Lt. R, Military Cross.

21st Sept 1917

Braidford, 2nd Lt. W.

24th July 1916

Brown, Tpr. S. B. .

6th Aug 1915

Bryant, A.B., W. T. G.

10th June 1915

Buckley Capt. H

28th June 1917

Burgh, Lt. E. H., Military Cross.

4th Jan 1918

Calvert, 2nd Lt. R., Military Cross.

9th July 1916

Cannon, Pte. P. F.

11th Oct 1916

Carrack, Pte. C. J.

17th Feb 1917

Clark, Capt. W. A.

11th Dec 1917

Clemons, L-Cpl. A.

6th Feb 1917

Coleman, 2nd Lt. C. M.

6th Sept 1918

Collett, 2nd Lt. T. T.

15th Feb 1917

Collingwood, 2nd Lt. G. A.

9th Aug 1915

Collingwood, Lt. R. M.

19th July 1918

Condi, 2nd Lt. A. G.

1st Oct 1916

Coombes, Lt. J. E. H.

1st May 1918

Cowen, 2nd Lt. H. W.

29 Sept 1918

Cramsie, Lt. A. B.

April 1915

Creasy, Capt. H. W. H., Military Cross.

13th June 1916

Critchley, Maj. J. A., Military Cross.

5th April 1917

Crompton, 2nd Lt. A. H.

3rd July 1916

Cutfield, Pte. H.

21st Feb 1915

Davis 2nd Lt. L.A.

23rd June 1917

De la Motte Capt. H. T., Military Cross

30th Oct 1918

Dickey, Capt. R. G. A.

14th Nov 1918

Dickson, Sub-Lt. J. M. F.

13th July 1915

Dix, 2nd Lt. G. S.

9th May 1915

Dixon, 2nd Lt. C. J.

22nd June 1917

Doman, 2nd Lt. G. R.

11th June 1918

Drummond, Lt. J. R.

27th Sept 1918

Duffin, Capt. C. F.

23rd March 1918

Ewbank, Capt. J. W., Military Cross & Bar, Croix de Guerre.

30th Nov 1917

Ewbank, 2nd Lt. L.

23rd Feb 1916

Finch, Capt. W.

22nd Feb 1919

Ford, Capt. R. J.

1st July 1916

Forster, Capt. G. R.

25th Aug 1917

Forster, Lt. W. 0.

22nd Sept 1916

Fox-Russell, Capt. H. T., Military Cross.

18th Nov 1918

Fox-Russell, Capt. J., Victoria Cross, Military Cross.

6th Nov 1917

Frith, Pte. J. F.

23rd Nov 1915

Fulton, Cpl. K. W. F.

26th Sept 1915

Furley, Lt. F. E.

22nd March 1918

Gamble, Coy. Sergt-Maj. B

13th Dec 1914

Gamon. Lt. J. L. P.

4th June 1918

Gardiner, 2nd Lt. R. E.

26th July 1917

Gaul, Capt. E.

23rd Oct 1918

Gemmell, 2nd Lt. B. R.

16th July 1917

Glegg, 2nd Lt. A. L.

10th Aug 1915

Glegg, 2nd Lt. W. S.

15th Sept 1916

Glenday, Capt. F. G.

Sept 1916

Glendinning, Pte. W. L.

8th Nov 1918

Graham, Lt. C.

27th April 1915

Graham, 2nd Lt. J. S.

30th Aug 1918

Green, 2nd Lt. C. L.

9th June 1917

Greenhalgh, 2nd Lt. M. L.

25th Sept 1915

Gregory, Lt. H. V.

15th March 1917

Gunson, Lt. L. R. S.

18th June 1916

Hall, 2nd Lt. J. M.

29th Aug 1916

Halliwell, 2nd Lt. W. N.

21st Sept 1916

Hanna 2nd Lt. J. H.

20th Sept 1917

Hanna, Sapper W.

28th Feb 1916

Haseler, Sergt. G. B.

22nd June 1915

Hawkesworth, 2nd Lt. F. H.

25th Jan 1915

Haye, Lt. B.

10th Oct 1918

Haynes, 2nd Lt. B, H.

20th Dec 1917

Hill, 2nd Lt. M., Distinguished Conduct Medal

19th June 1916

Hind, Capt. F

29th Oct 1914

Howse, 2nd Lt. B. T,

18th Sept 1916

Hudson, Capt. A. P.

31st Aug 1917

Hudson, 2nd Lt. H. E., Military Cross.

18th June 1918

Hudson, 2nd Lt. R. D.

16th Feb 1916

Humphreys, 2nd Lt. S. N., Military Cross.

10th Feb 1917

Irving, 2nd Lt. T. H.

19th Aug 1916

Jackson, Lt. C. R. H.

Missing – no date

Jackson, 2nd Lt. L.

1st July 1916

Jackson, Capt. T. L., Military Cross.

2nd July 1916

James, Capt. J

8th Oct 1918

Jefferson, Lt. H. L

16th Aug 1917

Jenkins, Lt-Col. L., Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross.

20th Nov 1918

Johnson, Lt. H. N.

19th May 1916

Johnston, L.-Cpl. A. J.

2nd Nov 1917

Johnston, 2nd Lt. W. T.

13th April 1917

Jones, 2nd Lt. W. T.

12th Oct 1916

Kenworthy, Capt. S.

1st July 1916

Kerr, Lt. F.

4th July 1916

King, 2nd Lt. R.A.F.S.

23rd May 1915

King-Mason, Capt. C. G. D.

24th April 1915

Kniveton, Pte. J. K.

10th July 1916

Lefroy, Maj. T. E.

5th Dec 1917

Limont, 2nd Lt. W. E.

13th July 1916

Loft, 2nd Lt. P. T.

24th March 1918

McCance, 2nd Lt. F.

22nd May 1915

Macnicol, Lt. A. J. B.

18th April 1917

Mail, 2nd Lt, F. 0

9th Oct 1918

Martin, Naval Clerk C. T.

1st Nov 1914

Martin, Coy. Q.M. F. S.

10th April 1918

Masheder Cadet J.

19th Sept 1918

Mellish, 2nd Lt. R. C.

26th Sept 1915

Milner, 2nd Lt. J. L.

9th May 1915

Mitchell, 2nd Lt. E, P. H.

7th May 1918

Mitchell, 2nd.Lt. J. A.

15th March 1917

Molyneux, Lt. B., Military Cross

8th Nov 1918

Moore, 2nd Lt. J. G.

2nd April 1918

Mossop, Flt-Officer R.

30th Oct 1918

Murray, Lt. G. D.

26th Jan 1916

Murray, Lt. L.

13th march 1917

Nanson, 2nd Lt. J.

1st July 1917

Neilson, Capt. D. F., Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross.

15th April 1918

Nelson, Pte-W.W.

2nd Sept 1918

Page, Cpl. J. L. M.

31st July 1917

Pagen, Capt. W. R.

7th Oct 1917

Park, Capt. J. W. H.

4th Jan 1917

Patman, Pte. F. W.

26th July 1916

Pearson, Pte. G. A.

3oth Nov 1917

Pecker, Lt. H. C.

30th April 1915

Percy, Pte. H. E.

21st Jan 1915

Plummer, Capt. L. D.

15th Sept 1916

Porritt, 2nd Lt. W. M.

25th Sept 1915

Poultney, Lt. J. B.

19th Feb 1917

Pryor, Lt. F. W.

12th Sept 1916

Purvis, Pte. R. C.

5th May 1915

Rae, Maj. J. E. P.

30th Nov 1917

Raillon, Fl-Lt. S. C.

9th May 1917

Ramsay, Pte. V. L.

9th Feb 1919

Rankin, 2nd Lt. F. A.

23rd April 1917

Roberton, Midshipman A. F

2nd Feb 1917

Roberts, 2nd Lt. A. Sheriff

11th July 1916

Roberts, 2nd Lt. F. Sheriff

29th Aug 1918

Roberts, 2nd Lt. G. B.

29th Sept 1917

Robinson, Pte. G. S.

24th April 1918

Robinson, 2nd Lt. H. L.

10th April 1916

Robinson, Capt. J. W.

14th Nov 1916

Robinson, Capt. P. D., Military Cross.

31st March 1918

Robinson, 2nd Lt. T. V.

4th July 1918

Robinson, Capt. W. de H. Military Cross.

27th Jan 1917

Robinson, Capt. W. Leefe, Victoria Cross.

31st Dec 1918

Rodgers, Pte. J. F.

21st Sept 1918

Routledge, 2nd Lt. J.

16th April 1917

Saportas, Lt. H. A.

July 1915

Scott, Lt. J.

25th April 1915

Shepherd, Pte. A. R. T.

9th May 1917

Smith, 2nd Lt. C.

11th March 1917

Smith, 2nd Lt. H. G.

13th March 1918

Sneddon, 2nd Lt. A. B.

3rd Oct 1917

Spink, Capt. E. M.

14th Sept 1918

Steele, Lt. A. J.

22nd Aug 1915

Stott, 2nd Lt. P. H.

25th April 1918

Strathern, 2nd Lt. T. D.

8th July 1916

Sutton, Maj. G. S., Military Cross.

22nd March 1918

Thomson, Lt. J. W. S.

12th April 1918

Tottenham, 2nd Lt. A. H

13th April 1916

Tottenham, 2nd Lt. E. I. Military Cross

9th April 1916

Urwin, 2nd Lt. T. A.

15th Jan 1918

Wain, Capt. R. W. L., Victoria Cross.

20th Nov 1917

Wainwright, Lt. O. J.

25th August 1918

Walker, Pte. W. G.

24th March 1918

Wallworth, Fl Sub-Lt. G. R. C.

18th Feb 1918

Warren, 2nd Lt. C. G.

28th Aug 1918

Watson, Pte. D. C.

20th July 1918

Wilkinson, L-Cpl. G. D.

11th April 1917

Will, Lt. G. K.

11th Sept 1916

Wilson, Lt. A. S

12th July 1917

Wilson, Cpl. J. H.

20th Sept 1917

Wilson 2nd Lt. W. H.

21st March 1918

Wise, Lt. G. E. F.

13th June 1916

Wray, 2nd Lt. T. E.

4th Sept 1917

Yates, 2nd Lt. J. S.

8th Oct 1915

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