St Bees Parish Councillors

Who’s Who

Chairman: Doug Sim

Vice-chairman: Eric Taylor

Parish Clerk:

Jane Donaldson
East House,
Coulderton, Egremont,
CA22 2UR
Tel 01946 822560

Email address:

Email link: Parish Clerk

Current Parish Councillors

Grant Gilmour

Nicholas Graham

Pam Argyle

Neil Bettinson

Hayley Monaghan

Simon Ritson 

Doug Millington

Chris Robson

Clare Hale

Jon Mellor

Amy Linton

Andras Kaldos

Eric Taylor

Parish Councillors are available to discuss any parish matters with the general public.

The Higher tiers of local government are represented by:

Cumbria County Council

Our ward Councillor is Chris Whiteside

Copeland Borough Council

Our ward councillor is Jeffrey Hailes

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