Methodist Chapel

September 15th 2019 saw the final service of celebration and closure in the Methodist Church on Main Street.
This brought to an end a Methodist presence in the village after 153 years of worship in the chapel. The last regular service was held in July and led by Fishing Stone – it was both wonderful and sad to have them lead this special anniversary service. The celebration service was led by David Andrews, former member of the congregation at St Bees and a great friend to us all. We couldn’t think of

anyone better suited to have guided us through this special occasion.

What next? The remaining members of the church have agreed to carry on worshipping together, but as part of the congregation at Egremont Methodist Church (The Meeting Place). We have been made welcome there on occasions when we have joined them in the past, and look forward to continuing our fellowship together.

 It was a church ready to accept change – refurbishment in 1999 changed it from a traditional fixed
pew church to a place for worship but also a venue able to be transformed into a space
for other community purposes. It was also a musical church, with both organ and piano –
plus percussion instruments for young children. The services led by music groups such as
‘Fishing Stone’ and Keith & Jill Hudson were always favourites.

The church was used for charity fund-raising, not just for the church but worthy national
causes such as McMillan, Breast Cancer Care (strawberry tea) and Foodbank – an example
of the use of the flexible space, with wonderful individuals doing their bit to promote Fair
Trade. A community hall – various local groups able to use it for a place to meet. It was
a truly ‘open’ church – open all day long for anybody to enter and spend time there. A
building of character – 1865 – representing a key part of village history.

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