St Bees Priory - 900 Years

As a result of the current Covid 19 pandemic, all these events have been put on hold. They will all take place; we just don’t know when at present.

These are the planned events. More details will be added as the events approach!


Fri. 27 March

 900 Words Stories deadline

Sun. 10 May

Launch Service with Bishop James

Sat. 16 May

Ball with Band & Buffet

Sun 7 June Friends Choral Evensong & Buffet



History Exhibition

Sat. 4 July

Family Picnic (St Bees Bash)

Sat. 11 July

Medieval Banquet

History Lectures

 Fri. 11 Sept.


Sat. 26 Sept. 12c. Cumbria

 Business Centre

Fri. 16 Oct. Founding of Priory


Fri. 30 Oct.

 Monastic Life of Priory

Fri. 6 Nov. St Bega


Fri. 27 Nov.

 St Bees Man

Sun.11 Oct.

 Harvest Festival & Supper

Sat.7/Sun.8 Nov. 

 Children’s Art at Charities Fair NCH

Wed. 11 Nov. 

 Remembrance Readings

Thur12, Fri 13, & Sat14 Bega 

Miracle Play at Priory

Sat.6 -Sun.21 Dec. l

 Christmas Tree Festiva, Priory



History Lecture – Theological College & Coal Scandal


St Bees Man audio-visual drama

Sat.17 April

Choral Concert

Fri. 23 & Sat.24 April

Monastic Offices

Sun.23 May

 Weddings/Baptisms Blessing service

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