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St Bees Dead of World War II


The following pages contain all I have discovered about the eight World War Two servicemen whose names appear on our War Memorial. I have also included a St. Bees civilian whose name is not inscribed there, but who was killed in the London Blitz. Although trained as a Domestic Science teacher, she worked in a communal feeding centre for bombed-out Londoners.

My information on these nine casualties is far from complete. In particular I regret having found so few photographs. I had expected that our 1939/45 Dead would be fresher in memory than those of 1914/18, but that has not been the case.

For one serviceman – Edward Mason Coward – what I have written is conjectural. For another, J.S. Parker, I have found no record at all. And it would be interesting to know of a connection between sailor Lancelot Thomas Bell, who went down with his ship in 1942, and soldier Lancelot Thomas Bell, killed on the Somme before his namesake was born.

If anyone reading these notes can add to them, or can point me towards further information or photographs, I will be very grateful.

Bob Jopling
Colt House, Seamill Lane, St. Bees CA27 0BD
Telephone: 01946 824620
November 2006




Lancelot Thomas Bell Edward Mason Coward John Benn Jackson George Lancaster J S Parker Thomas Pink Alan Rodgers Rev Harold Watson Christine Mary Frank Kitchen