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Hartleys Cafe/Shop Post Office and Store Keith Singleton's Nursery

Keith Singleton's Horticultural Products

Seaview Nurseries, Nethertown,
Egremont, Cumbria, CA22 2UQ

keith Singleton GreenhouseKeith Singleton is primarily a wholesale supplier, but nevertheless welcomes gardeners seeking plants, compost, and other supplies. Because of this, a sign states that because of this "it is not always possible to get advice on gardening issues".

Having said that, Keith is frequently to be seen around the greenhouses and his enthusiasm for horticulture seems to contradict the text of the notice!

Whilst he does not have a large range of gardening goods usually to be found in Garden Centres, he does stock what is arguably one of the biggest range of plants in Cumbria. Shrubs, roses, perennials, annuals, greenhouse plants, including unusual specimens can always be found in his extensive greenhouses, always of excellent quality.

It is not a Garden Centre; it is a gardening enthusiast's treasure trove!

Good Companions Cafe and Restaurant

The latest addition to the nursery is an excellent high quality Cafe and Restaurant, serving a wide range of meals. See Good Companions for more information. Even if you are not interested in plants, the Nursery is well worth a visit just to sample the excellent fare on offer at the restaurant.

The premises are to be found on the Nethertown Road about a mile South of Egremont.

Keith's own web site can be found here.