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Train Routing

connections to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Birmingham
Carlisle - mainline station well connected to rest of country.
Whitehaven - a few terminate here from the north
St. Bees - 30 trains a day Sundays 16 trains
Barrow in Furness (all southern passenger traffic passes through here)
Lancaster (Some direct trains to/from St. Bees)
Preston (Some direct trains to/from St. Bees)
London Euston, Birmingham, the South West

Manchester Airport

For trains from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, change at Carlisle.
Some ex-Carlisle trains terminate at Whitehaven.
30 trains a day are direct from Carlisle, Barrow or Lancaster to St Bees. Sundays 16 trains.
There is a regular service from Manchester Airport to Barrow. Change here for St. Bees.
There are regular mainline trains to Preston and Lancaster, change here for Barrow.
Mainline trains from West Country, Birmingham and London stop at Preston and Lancaster, and go on to Carlisle



1. All Carlisle-St Bees trains are direct.

2. Penrith requires road transport to St. Bees

3. Change at Barrow, Preston or Lancaster for St. Bees from the south.

4. Manchester Airport trains go direct to Barrow or Carlisle via Lancaster. Change at any of these for St Bees. Journey times are about the same by north or south route.


Map Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right

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