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Sunday School

St Bees Sunday School welcomes all children from ages 3 to 11 years, and older teenagers as helpers. We meet every Sunday morning in term time 10.30 to 11.30 a.m. in New College Hall (the building near the Priory).

Sunday School Nativity PlayThree groups of young Christians meet - Infants, Primary and new Teens Group, and are supervised by staff members Rosalie McAndrew and Helen Taylor. The Biblical teaching is based on Scripture Union materials designed for different age groups, but following the same topics through the year. Groups join in other activities, such as art and craft work, prayers and poems, songs, playlets, and outdoor discovery in the summer.

Most children attend the last section of the church service to receive the Communion blessing.

Children are encouraged to share in Special Family Services and Church Festivals, e.g. Mothering Sunday, Harvest Festival, and Christmas. At Christmas, children perform the Nativity Play and share in the Christingle Service, with their families and friends.

The children's weekly collection helps us to support several charities - the Biblelands (sponsorship of the Boys Orphanage at Bethany through their CareSharer scheme); Care for the Wild International (adopting two tiger cubs Jasmine and Jasper in Cambodia); and the Bransby Home for Rescued Ponies (adopting two donkeys, Moab and Dylan, and Kizzy, a chestnut mare). Also the Christingle Funds go to the Children's Society.

Displays of the Sunday School work are seen in the Priory and in New College Hall.