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The Story of Our School:  

The First Hundred Years

An investigation by children of Year 6

 2009 and 2010

(Work supervised by Sarah George and Bob Jopling)

 Children in the top class of the Village School, then aged ten or eleven, became very keen “history detectives”. They studied census returns and newspapers from the past, and pored over old school records. They wrote to ex-villagers who had been at the school several decades ago; they collected school memories dating back to pre-war days from people still in the area, and they studied old photographs, maps and papers from the Record Office and elsewhere.

 There were some problems, of course. A major one for children was in deciphering adult handwriting, especially in the Managers’ Minute books. Another was in reading some Census Enumerators’ writing. However, the data the children produced has been checked and is accurate, and their conclusions are sound. Their writing has been corrected and edited, but not altered in any major way: if at times it still seems simplistic I trust the age of the writers will excuse it.


 Click here to open a pdf file of the history of the Village School.



The Staff about 1927


There are fuller versions of this work in the Priory Church and in Whitehaven Record office.