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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 19 June 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Cllrs G Gilmour (in the Chair), N Bettinson, F Kennedy, J Lockie, J Mellor,

D Millington, H Monaghan, C Robson, N Smart & the Clerk


In attendance: Ms S Telford (agenda item 6 – road markings on Outrigg)

Mr H Rooms & Mr K Gibson, Sellafield Ltd (agenda item 5)

Mr K Murphy, West Cumbria Mining (agenda item 7a)


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs P Argyle, D Sim, M Riley and T Kelly. Cllr Whiteside, County Councillor for St Bees/Egremont North, also sent his apologies for absence.


Cllr Lockie declared a non-pecuniary interest in the planning application for 116A Main Street as the owner of a neighbouring property.


Ms Telford had contacted the council with suggestions for changes to road markings on Outrigg. It was agreed that this would be discussed under CCC & Highways Issues.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 15 May be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda

(a)Road Markings on Outrigg

Ms Telford had contacted Cllr Millington, as Chairman of the Traffic Calming Committee, to seek the Parish Council’s support for changes to the road markings on Outrigg. Ms Telford explained that the existing road markings around the school entrance had been removed during recent resurfacing work and this would be an opportune time to reconsider where the road markings should be placed. She explained the background to the three suggestions for which she was seeking support:

  • Zig zag markings to be placed across the school entrance on Outrigg, rather than on the opposite side of the road, to increase awareness that this was a school entrance
  • Yellow lines to be put around the junction with Hillside as previously agreed at the Traffic Calming Committee to deter dangerous parking and improve visibility
  • Yellow lines to be put alongside the pavement. Ms Telford believed that children using the pavement were at risk from vehicles passing close to the pavement and from car doors being opened alongside the pavement. In addition cars often parked with engines running which posed a risk for children inhaling exhaust fumes.

Cllr Millington explained that he had spoken to the Area Highways Manager, Kevin Cosgrove, about the suggestions. Mr Cosgrove had proposed a site meeting to look at the position but in principle he had no objection to the yellow lines around the Hillside junction or to the change of the zig zag markings and would also consider further ‘Keep Clear’ markings at the entrance to Outrigg Close. However, he did not support the suggestion of prohibiting parking alongside the pavement as he believed that the pavement was the safest option for children.




Councillors expressed support for the changes to zig zag markings and parking restriction around the Hillside junction and were content to rely on the expert advice of the Highways Engineer in relation to parking alongside the pavement.

It was RESOLVED that a meeting be arranged on site with the Highways Manager, Ms Telford, representatives of the Parish Council and Village School.

Ms Telford then left the meeting.


(b) Other CCC Issues

The planning application for a new footbridge at Sea Mill would now be considered by CCC in July. It was suggested that the bridge should be named ‘Henry’s Bridge’ in recognition of the work done by the former County Councillor Henry Wormstrup to progress the project.

It was RESOLVED that the new bridge be named ‘Henry’s Bridge’.

It was also noted that the new signs warning of horses at the top of Outrigg were now in place.



The Chairman welcomed Mr Rooms and Mr Gibson who had agreed to come to the meeting following the recent correspondence with Dr Weston about the number of contractors’ vans travelling through the village.

Mr Gibson explained the various initiatives being introduced to reduce the number of vehicles travelling to the Sellafield site. These included new bus services from Cockermouth & Workington, support for car sharing schemes and reductions in the number of single occupancy vehicles allowed on to the site. Contractors were asked to adopt a ‘Good Neighbour’ approach and avoid using minor roads through local villages. Discussions were taking place with the rail company to align train times more closely with start/finish times. Mr Gibson acknowledged that there was still much work to do but surveys had shown a reduction of 500 to 800 vehicles a day travelling to the site with a consequent improvement of traffic flow on the A595. The introduction of vehicle number plate recognition would further help the flow of traffic into the site.

Councillors asked whether the option of banning private cars from entering the site had been considered. This would also have the advantage of reducing the costs of vehicle searches and security. Mr Gibson said that the company’s present policy was one of planned reduction in vehicle numbers but there was no stated intention to reduce this to zero. He would, however, take the council’s views back to Sellafield Ltd.

It was suggested that journey times could actually be longer on the B5345 than the A595. It was agreed that measuring this could be useful exercise and the results could be publicised to change driver behaviour. It was asked whether the use of park & ride facilities was being considered, particularly in relation to the former highways depot at Orgill. Mr Gibson confirmed that park & ride could form part of a package of measures in both the short and longer term but any use of particular sites would be dependent on planning approvals.

Councillors asked whether contracts could be worded in such a way as to prohibit contractors’ vehicles using minor roads through villages and suggested that a stronger approach needed to be taken at a senior level with contractors. Mr Rooms agreed to take back the council’s concerns about this particular issue.

The Chairman thanked Mr Rooms and Mr Gibson for attending and assured them that the parish council would help in any way it could.



(a)Consultation by CCC on planning application by West Cumbria Mining

The Chairman welcomed Mr Murphy of West Cumbria Mining to the meeting and invited him to give an overview of the application for a new mine with loading facility and rail sidings. Mr Murphy then answered questions from councillors about specific aspects of the plans including disposal of spoil, discharge of water pumped out from the anhydrite mine and planned rail


movements. Mr Murphy explained that they hoped to recruit 80% of the workforce locally. There had been discussions with Sellafield Ltd about redeployment of staff and, whilst applications would be welcome from Sellafield staff, they would not receive preferential treatment.

Councillors thanked Mr Murphy for coming to explain the plans and providing answers to the queries raised.

Mr Murphy then left the meeting.

Councillors then discussed the formal response to be sent to CCC.

It was RESOLVED to send a response to the consultation supporting the application and welcoming the comprehensive package of information submitted with the application.


(b) New Planning Applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following applications received for comment:

  • 4/17/2171/0F1 Removal of two chimneys (one retrospective)

2 Main Street, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.


  • 4/17/2193/0F1 Demolition of existing barn and construction of new dwelling

116A Main Street, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there no objections in principle to the demolition of the existing building and its replacement with a new dwelling, as this would considerably improve the appearance of the site. However, there were concerns that there had been little or no consultation with the owner of the neighbouring property over use of the adjacent narrow lane for access and for provision of services. It would also be important to ensure that disruption to the public highway and neighbouring properties was kept to a minimum during demolition and construction.


(c) Applications approved/refused

There had been no decisions by CBC affecting the parish since the last meeting.


(d) Other Planning Matters

  • It was noted that CBC had postponed publication of the Site Allocations Plan as it did not provide sufficient sites to meet the expected demand over the next five years. Work was continuing to produce a revised plan.
  • Concerns had been raised by local residents about work taking place to create car parking alongside Nethertown Rd at the rear of a property at Wyndhowe, Sea Mill Lane. There was concern that additional hard standing would exacerbate flooding and also that the work could cause damage to an existing retaining wall. The property owner believed that no permissions were required but CBC Planning Officers had been asked to visit and assess the situation.



(a) Financial Report

The notes of the FRAG meeting on 6 June were received and noted. The recommendations of the internal audit for 2016/17 had been discussed and actions agreed. It was agreed that all councillors would check whether their Register of Interests declarations required updating and complete new forms if appropriate. A summary of accounts at the end of May was received (copy attached to the minutes).


(b) Risk Management

FRAG had reviewed the risk management policy and had proposed minor amendments.

It was RESOLVED that the amended policy be approved.



The risk register had also been reviewed and no new risks had been identified, although some minor amendments had been made to the comments section.

It was RESOLVED to approve the changes to the risk register.


(c) Donation request

St Bees Garden Society had not yet taken up the offer of a donation towards the purchase of new tables as they were waiting for confirmation of the outcome of an application to the National Lottery. In the meantime the Society had asked the Parish Council whether it would consider sponsoring the Annual Show as in previous years.

It was RESOLVED that a donation of £150 be made towards the Annual Show.


(d) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Chq no 002302 United Utilities Water – allotment water 8/3/17 to 5/6/17 Total £25.94
  • Chq no 002303 United Utilities Water– water/wastewater to toilets 8/3/17 to 6/6/17 Total £372.69
  • Chq no 002304 Open Spaces Society – annual subscription £45.00
  • Chq no 002305 Viking – stationery £64.21+ £12.84 VAT Total £77.05
  • Chq no 002306 J Donaldson – salary (net) June- £635.28
  • Chq no 002307 J Donaldson – reimbursement for pond dipping equipment £105.20 + £21.04 VAT & postage £6.72 Total £132.96
  • Chq no 002308 Copeland Borough Council – refund of CCF grant £275.08
  • Chq no 002309 C W Crayston – drainage work Priory Paddock 2016 £533.00 + £106.60 VAT Total £639.60
  • Chq no 002310 Post Office Ltd (for HMRC) – PAYE Qtr 1 £268.55
  • Thomas Milburn Property Ltd – toilet service June £583.33 + £116.67 VAT Total £700.00 (to be paid by SO)

Payments since last meeting to report

  • Answer4 You – answering service £8.80 +£1.76 VAT Total £10.56 (due to be paid by direct debit on 19/06/17)



Cllr Kelly had provided a brief report. The advertisements for the posts of Finance and Marketing Director had attracted a good response and interviews would be taking place in early July. A new Admissions Officer had also been appointed.



National Grid had announced a pause in the project in light of the delay with Nu-Gen’s Moorside project. The consultants who had worked with CALC last year would shortly be seeking views on the adequacy of the consultation process undertaken last year.



(a)Beach Regeneration

Cllrs Robson and Argyle had repainted the shelter at the main beach but had noticed that the roof was in need of repair. This had been reported to CBC who own the shelter. It had been suggested that the blank wall could be used to display pictures of the beach in days gone by. Cllr Robson would investigate the costs involved. Councillors thanked Cllrs Robson and Argyle for their work.

It was noted that the grass border alongside the lifeboat station was not cut regularly. The Clerk would check who was responsible for this area.



(b) Traffic Calming/Speedwatch

Cllr Monaghan reported on the most recent meeting of the A595 Group. The police had confirmed that there were no restrictions on taking photographs of traffic problems and had supported the continuation of Speedwatch schemes.

Following the discussion earlier in the meeting it was suggested that the Parish Council should pursue the issue of contractors’ vans using the B5345 directly with Shepley Engineering. It was agreed that a letter be drafted and circulated to councillors for comment.


(c) Community Events

The Village School Association Family Fun Day had taken place on Saturday 17 June with the traditional fancy dress parade along Main Street/Finkle Street. The event had gone well and it had been well attended. Councillors asked Cllr Monaghan to pass on the council’s congratulations to those involved in organising the event.


(d ) Tree Planting

Some routine maintenance had been done on the trees at the Adams Ground.


(e) St Bees – Whitehaven Cycle Track

There was no progress to report since the last meeting.


(f) Priory Paddock Pond Project

A donation of £100 had been received from the Friends of the Priory to enable the Parish Council to purchase pond dipping equipment for use by children visiting Priory Paddock.

It was RESOLVED to send a letter of thanks to the Friends of the Priory.



The Chairman and Vice Chairman had recently reviewed the Clerk’s job description and hours and drafted new objectives for 2017/18. The Clerk had been fully involved in the review and the recommendation was that the hours and job description remain unchanged. A copy of the proposed objectives had been circulated.

It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendations of the review.



Cllr Robson had attended the last meeting of West Copeland Partnership when the lengthsman scheme had been discussed. It had been proposed that the wage rate for the lengthsman should be increased. As not all parishes were represented at the meeting, it was agreed to defer a decision until early July when new costings would be available.

The Clerk gave a brief report on the recent Three Tier Meeting when the Boundary Commission Review of CBC was the main topic. The Commission had been asked by CBC to look at the number of district councillors required for Copeland and, once a number was decided, consultation would take place on ward boundaries.



The Clerk’s report was received and noted.


A written report from Cllr Hill was received and noted. The Clerk was asked to make enquiries about whether the dog bin which used to be sited near the Beach café was to be replaced.



The report from the PCSO for the month of May was received and noted.



Following the discussion at the last meeting the police had been contacted about vehicles parking on pavements, particularly on High House Rd. PCSO Rafferty had confirmed that penalties could be issued if vehicles parked in such a way that pedestrians with pushchairs or wheelchairs could not use the pavement. She would monitor the situation when in the area.


(a) NALC had provided an updated briefing note on data protection. Noted.

(b) Chief Executive’s bulletin 19 had been received from NALC. Noted.

(c) CCC had forwarded details of the Master Composter scheme which aims to recruit volunteers to promote composting among their local communities. Noted.

(d) Details had been received from CALC of the new fees for external audit which will apply from 2017/18 onwards. For councils with turnover above £25,000 and below £50,000 the basic fee would be £200. Noted.

(e) West Cumbria Mining would be holding Open Days on 23 – 25 June at Haig Mining Museum for the public to view details of the planning application. Noted.

(f) CALC had forwarded an invitation from the Environment Agency to attend a meeting to discuss flood risk management. However, none of the meetings were relevant to this area. Noted.

(g) An email had been received from Jon Raymond about plans for the 2017 St Bega’s Ultra. The plan was to hold the event on 27 August with a maximum of 250 runners. The route would be the same as last year, ending at St Bees School at 8pm. Noted.

(h) Details had been received of a photographic competition organised by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Details available on the Trust’s web-site. Noted.

(i) Information had been received from ACT about a project to encourage households to make an emergency plan to cover issues such as flooding or other extreme weather. Noted.

(j) Correspondence had been received from a local resident about recent changes in water quality,

asking the Parish Council to take up the issue with the water company. It was noted that the change was due to the mixing of soft water with harder water from boreholes. It was RESOLVED to write to United Utilities to ascertain whether or not this was a temporary measure.


Cumbria Wildlife Trust –e-Newsletter June 2017

Friends of the Lake District – Manifesto for the Landscape of Cumbria

CALC Circular June 2017

Open Spaces Society Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting



(a)The History Group would be holding an open meeting on 4 July at 7.30pm at Fern Bank when all would be welcome to come along and find out what was planned for the coming year. There was a possibility that DNA testing might be done to help with the identification of St Bees Man.

(b) It was noted that a wooden stile on the footpath from Wood Lane was rotten. The Clerk had reported this to CCC.

(c) It was suggested that another open evening could be organised in September to allow new residents to meet the Parish Council and find out more about its work. The Clerk would check the availability of the Village Hall.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on MONDAY 17 JULY 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall. Jane Taylor from CBC Planning Policy Team would be attending to explain the draft Conservation Area Design Guide.