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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 19 October 2015 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Cllrs D Sim (in the Chair), M Davies, J Haile, F Kennedy, J Mellor, D Millington,

M Riley, C Robson, N Smart, H Strong and the Clerk


In attendance: Cllr I Hill, CBC Ward Councillor

Cllr H Wormstrup, County Councillor Egremont North/St Bees

Mr S Kelso, Director, St Bees School


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour and T Kelly.



No declarations of interest were received.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 21 September 2015 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



There were no issues raised.



Cllr Wormstrup reported on the outcome of the recent traffic survey in the village. The results would inform decisions about speed reduction schemes and would be used to target enforcement activity by the police. The results of the survey would be circulated to councillors and would be discussed in more detail at the Traffic Calming Committee meeting on 24 November. Whilst budget constraints might limit the ability of CCC to install physical measures to reduce speed, it was agreed that Highways should be asked to complete design work on appropriate measures so that they could be implemented quickly if funding sources became available.

It was noted that CCC had recently deferred a decision on a planning application from Sellafield Ltd because of concern about the assessment of the impact on traffic. (Cllr Davies declared an interest in this item due to his close involvement with the project in the course of his employment with Sellafield Ltd and withdrew from the meeting during discussion of this matter.)

It was RESOLVED that a copy of the application and supporting information be requested from CCC and that a representative of Sellafield Ltd be invited to attend the meeting of the Traffic Calming Committee.

Cllr Wormstrup also reported on a meeting he had attended with Nu-Gen to discuss their plans for the Whitehaven/Mirehouse area. The impact on traffic and transport would be enormous and would impact on St Bees. The Chairman pointed out that the parish council had accepted an invitation to a meeting with Nu-Gen in Egremont but had not been invited to the Whitehaven meeting.

It was RESOLVED to write to Nu-Gen asking that they keep the parish council informed of their plans for both the Egremont and Mirehouse areas.

It was reported that signs had been covered on the Linethwaite Rd (between the A595 and High House Rd which warned that the road was not suitable for heavy vehicles. Cllr Wormstrup agreed to seek clarification from Highways.

Cllr Wormstrup then left the meeting.



Cllr Hill reported that he had attended a briefing by West Cumbria Mining on progress with their plans. An event was to be held at Haig Pit on 7 November when the public would be invited to see the plans.


Cllr Hill explained that there were funds available for initiatives to promote public health. He would be happy to receive any suggestions for possible projects.

The situation at West Cumberland Hospital remained unchanged and recruitment of medical staff was an on-going issue. The new UCLAN centre at Westlakes was an interesting development, although it was not yet clear what impact this might have on medical staffing locally.

Councillors raised the issue of the possible downgrading of the A&E Dept to a minor injuries unit which had been publicised in the local press. Cllr Hill had no further information on this, although the trend towards centralising emergency care in major centres was known to lead to improved outcomes.

It was RESOLVED to write to the Chief Executive of the Trust asking for clarification of the plans for the future of A&E services in West Cumbria.

Cllr Hill then left the meeting.



The Chairman invited Mr Kelso to give a report on current developments.

Mr Kelso reported that arrangements were now in place to maintain the assets of the school and the facilities were available for letting to local groups. The Board was still considering short term options for Grindal and Foundation to ensure that any lettings did not compromise the availability of the buildings in the longer term.

The Board was now turning its attention to looking at options for a new school on the site. All options would be considered and the Board would then share its ideas with stakeholders before beginning detailed work on the various options. The Board currently had only six members and a skills audit was being undertaken to identify skills gaps. The Board would then advertise for those with the requisite skills to express an interest in joining the Board. The Board was committed to making the process of finding new Board members as independent as possible and was aware that once a new school was established a different set of skills would be required. Some changes would probably be required to the Articles of Association to reflect the changed situation. The Board had also invited Tom Kelly to become Secretary to the Board.

In answer to questions, Mr Kelso said that the sale of assets was not a possibility that was being actively considered as the Board wanted to keep all options open. Letting arrangements would continue on existing terms until the end of December but would then be reviewed.

Councillors commended Mr Kelso on the work being done to keep the buildings and grounds in good condition and reiterated the council’s offer to assist the Board in any way it could.

Mr Kelso then left the meeting.



(a) Financial Report

The report of the Finance & Risk Advisory Group meeting on 14 October was received (copy attached to the minutes). The review of the position at the end of the half year showed that income was much in line with the budget. Expenditure overall was slightly under budget but there were several large payments which would not fall until later in the financial year. The budget for the equipment repairs at the Outrigg play area had now been committed but the timing of the beach seating project was still uncertain.


(b)Audit 2014/15

The external audit had been completed. An unqualified opinion had been given with no matters drawn to the council’s attention.

(c) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Chq no 002123 CBC – NNDR Beach toilets 2015/16 8 th instalment £153.00
  • Chq no 002124 CBC – NNDR Station car park 2015/16 8 th instalment £77.00
  • Chq no 002125 CALC – course fees Total £59.00
  • Chq no 002126 Unipar Services LLP– recalibration of speed gun £199.00 + £39.80 VAT Total £238.80



  • Chq no 002127 Copeland Borough Council –play area inspections qtr 3 £101.08 +£20.22 VAT Total £121.30
  • Chq no 002128 Copeland Borough Council– emptying play area bins qtr3 Total £247.00
  • Chq no 002129 Copeland Borough Council –emptying litter bin Fairladies footpath Total £24.70
  • Chq no 002130 J Donaldson – reimbursement for postage/stationery £10.71
  • Chq no 002131 J Donaldson – salary (net) Oct 2015 - £614.55
  • Thomas Milburn Property Ltd – toilet service Oct £583.33 + £116.67 VAT Total £700.00 (to be paid by SO)
  • Payments since last meeting to report
  • Chq no 002119 St Bees Mother & Toddler Group – donation £40.00 (agreed at last meeting)
  • Chq no 002120 BDO LLP – external audit fee £200.00 + £40.00 VAT Total £240.00
  • Chq no 002121 Post Office Ltd (for HMRC)- AYE qtr 2 £284.35
  • Chq no 002122 1 st St Bees Scout Group – donation £100.00 (agreed at last meeting)
  • Answer 4 You – answering service £8.88 + £1.78 VAT Total £10.66 ( paid by direct debit on 19/10/15)



The Lord Lieutenant would be presenting the British Empire Medal to Doug Sim at a ceremony hosted by the parish council on 30 November in the Village Hall. The detailed arrangements were in hand and it was hoped to stage displays of past, current and future projects as well as displays from other groups with which Cllr Sim was associated.

It was RESOLVED that the cost of refreshments be met from the Community Events budget.



Cllr Strong reported that the Coastal Communities Team North was continuing to meet fortnightly and a consultant would be appointed shortly to draft the economic plan. A series of consultation events was planned across the area and in St Bees this would be combined with consultation on the St Bees-Whitehaven cycle track. St Bees would be holding a drop in session on 19 November at Old College Hall as well as making leaflets/suggestion forms available through the Village School, parish web-site and Facebook. Information would also be on display in the foyer of the Seacote Hotel.



(a)Beach Regeneration

The draft minutes of the meeting of the Beach Regeneration Committee on 8 October were received and noted. Since the meeting preliminary discussions had taken place with CBC officers about the project to provide additional seating opposite the beach café and costings were awaited.

(b)Traffic Calming/Speedwatch

The speed gun had been serviced and recalibrated. A number of Speedwatch sessions were planned in the coming weeks. A meeting of the Traffic Calming Committee would take place on 24 November at 6.30pm in the Village Hall. All councillors and members of the public would be welcome.


(c)Community Events

Following the last meeting, Cllr Kennedy and Mrs K James had offered to organise the Santa Parade which would take place on 1 st December to coincide with the carol concert at the lifeboat station.

It was RESOLVED that a donation of £100 be made to the RNLI to cover the costs of the carol concert.

It was suggested that an event could be held in the spring for those who had recently moved to the parish. This would enable them to meet members of the parish council and learn about current and planned projects as well as activities available in the parish. It was agreed to try this in March 2016.





(d)Tree Planting

Cllr Bettinson had provided details of two projects for which an application could be submitted to the Nu-Gen Green Grants programme – one major project at Priory Paddock and a second smaller scheme to plant trees around the Adams Recreation Ground.

It was RESOLVED to put in an expression of interest for both projects.

(e) Outrigg Play Area

An order had been placed with CBC for repairs to the play equipment and the work had now been carried out. The lengthsman would be asked to refurbish the seat and remove the flags under the seat.

A separate quotation had been received from CBC for new wet pour surfacing under both sets of swings. The work would be done as part of a larger package of work at other play areas, thus saving on transport and equipment costs. There was no provision in the budget for this work but it could be funded from the earmarked reserve for major asset repair/replacement. The reserve could then be reimbursed when the refund of NNDR was received.

It was RESOLVED to accept the quotation from CBC in the sum of £3520+VAT.


(f) St Bees – Whitehaven Cycle Path

A meeting of the project group had taken place on 29 Sept. A project timescale and work breakdown schedule had been agreed. Consultation on the plans would be combined with consultation on the Coastal Communities project and letters were being prepared to go out to landowners. Cllr Strong would be attending the meeting of Whitehaven Town Council on 29 October to explain the project and enlist their support.

Sustrans had been asked to give a price for updating the initial feasibility study and it was agreed that provision would be made in next year’s budget for this work to go ahead.



(a)Moorside Project

Cllr Gilmour had provided a brief report on the meeting with Nu-Gen on 14 October. The meeting had focussed on potential developments around Egremont including housing, transit parking etc. The meeting had been positive and constructive and follow up sessions would take place in the next few weeks.

(b)Draft National Geological Screening Guidance

The NDA through Radioactive Waste Management had published draft National Geological Screening Guidance for consultation. A series of meetings was taking place across the country and Cllr Smart would be attending the meeting in Carlisle on 20 October. It was proposed that the National Geological Survey (an independent body) should undertake a UK wide survey (excluding Scotland) to determine areas which might be suitable for a geological disposal facility for highly active nuclear waste.

It was agreed that it was essential that the survey should be entirely independent and not influenced by political considerations.



Information was awaited from CCC on the final costings and timescale for the work.



The Clerk’s report on on-going matters was received. The following points were noted:

  • Footway lighting – CBC had confirmed two new columns would be installed in Rottington but they were unable to give a firm date.
  • Allotments – There would be a small plot available from January. An advert will be placed on the noticeboards.
  • Daffodils – CBC had offered parishes the opportunity to purchase daffodils/narcissi as part of a bulk order. 50kg of bulbs had been ordered at a cost of £40 + VAT. A number of possible areas for planting had been identified and volunteers and Village School would be invited to help.




(a)New planning applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following applications received for comment:-


Ref 4/15/2394/0F1 Replacement windows (some retrospective)

24 Main Street, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.


Ref 4/15/2403/0F1 Reinstatement of cottage as an annex incl works to demolish rear two storey

extension & increase height of single storey ground floor extension

Ghyll Farm, Egremont


Ref 4/15/2404/0L1 Listed building consent for above works

Ghyll Farm, Egremont

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to these applications.


Ref 4/15/2405/0F1 Erection of garden shed (retrospective)

The Old Byre, Off Main Street, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.


(b)Applications approved/refused

The Planning Officer had provided a copy of the specialist report on the application for tree work at 3 Fleatham Gardens. The recommendations were noted.


(c)Cumbria Minerals & Waste Local Plan- Supplementary Sites Consultation

It was noted that CCC was consulting on additional sites included in response to the original consultation and on changes to sites originally included. None of the changes affected St Bees or neighbouring parishes.



The report from PCSO Kane was received and noted. There had been eight incidents recorded between August and early October including two thefts of property, one report of malicious damage and one traffic accident.



The notes of the meeting of the West Copeland Partnership on 6 October were received and noted.



(a) Information had been received from the Environment Agency explaining their role in the proposed Moorside project. Work was under way to resolve outstanding issues before the AP1000 reactor could be given a final certificate. The next stage of consultation by Nu-Gen was expected to be mid 2016 when detailed site proposals will be published. In the meantime Nu-Gen had applied for a new bespoke water discharge activity environmental permit which related to discharge of pre-construction phase site effluent. Noted.

(b) The Annual Three Tier meeting would take place on 22 October at 7pm in Egremont Market Hall. Noted.

(c) Details had been received of funding for tourist development in Cumbria.Noted.

(d) Information had been received from the Wildlife Trust about the problem of zebra mussels and killer shrimps in rivers and water courses. Noted.

(e) An invitation had been received to the CVS AGM on 5 November in Barrow. Noted.

(f) CALC was seeking nominations to fill a vacancy on the CALC Executive Committee. Noted.

(g) Coastal Access – notification had been received that the Sec of State had approved Natural England’s proposals for coastal access for the coast between Whitehaven and Silecroft. Noted.


(h) An email had been received from a visitor to the beach car park who was unhappy about the way he was spoken to by a CBC employee. He was also unhappy about the lack of signage about the requirement for dogs to be on a lead. A reply had been sent by Clerk and the email had been passed on to CBC.

(i) CCC had provided a copy of the formal order for the diversion of the public footpath close to Bell House Farm. Noted.

(j) Details had been received of proposed changes to CALC constitution to be ratified at the AGM in November. Noted.

(k) NICE was looking for members of the general public to help develop guidance & advice on four topics – STD condom distribution schemes, air pollution/outdoor air quality & health, hip fracture & contraceptive services. Noted.


CALC Newsletter – October 2015

North West Coastal Access Monthly Update Oct 2015



(a)West Cumbria Mining had invited the Chairman and Clerk to attend a briefing on 6 November before the public event the following day. Cllrs Strong and Bettinson would also be attending.

(b)The next Arts Society lecture would take place on Wed 28 October in the Whitelaw building.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 16 NOVEMBER 2015 at 6.30pm