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Minutes for July 2012

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 16 July 2012 at 7.35pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs D Sim (in the Chair), P Argyle, G Gilmour, B Hewetson, I Hill,

K James, F Kennedy, D Millington, S Moules, H Strong and the Clerk

Also present: 8 members of the public

In attendance: Ms J Carroll and Ms J Fisher, CBC Waste Management Department


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Bettinson, Kelly and Robson


No declarations of interest were received.


The Chairman welcomed Ms Carroll and Ms Fisher to the meeting and invited them to explain the background to the proposed changes.

Ms Carroll explained that CBC had to make significant financial savings. The waste management service was already one of the most cost efficient when compared with similar local authorities and consultation was taking place on possible changes to further reduce costs. For most households there would be little change other than a possible change of collection day but changes were planned in the non-statutory provision. It was proposed that the criteria for assisted collections and larger wheelie bins would be tightened and only one garden waste bin would be serviced per household. Options to save time on off-route collections were also open for consultation.

It was generally agreed that the emphasis should continue to be on maintaining a quality service. It was suggested that increasing the eligibility for a large bin to a household size of 6 was perhaps too high a threshold. It was also suggested that an alternative approach might be to introduce a charge for those requiring these additional services. Ms Carroll agreed to consider these suggestions. In answer to questions Ms Carroll explained that a separate review would be done of services to businesses. She also stated that it was possible for households currently using bags to have a wheelie bin if they were able to get it to a suitable point for roadside collection.


Members of the public present indicated that they wished to speak about the Seamill car park access road (agenda item 6). It was agreed that they would be invited to explain their points when the council discussed this agenda item.

The poor condition of the footbridge at Seamill beach was also raised. It was agreed that the Clerk would take up the matter with the County Council rights of way team.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 June be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman subject to an amendment to min 120/12 to read ‘submitted some months ago’.


The Chairman reported that a letter had been received from Mr D Scott and Mr R Napier requesting that the unadopted road leading from the railway bridge to the shore at Seamill should be brought into the parish council’s ownership. He invited Mr Scott and Mr Napier to explain to councillors the background to their request.


They explained that the request stemmed from a concern that the width of the road had been reduced by the grass verge alongside the property “Seasprays”. They expressed the view that the stones along the verge were difficult to see and made it difficult for vehicles to pass, particularly if a vehicle was parked alongside the property on the other side of the road. The relocation of the millstone on this grassed area exacerbated the position and they expressed concern about the lack of consultation before the millstone was moved. They believed that if the road was owned by the parish council it would be protected from encroachment and they also requested that the council move the millstone to a different location. They had collected a number of signatures in support of their request which they would present to the parish council.

It was noted that there was no registered owner of the road and it was not part of the land purchased by the parish council as a car park. The parish council had right of access to its land along the road as a result of its long use by the County Council who had previously owned the land. It was also noted that planning consent had been given for the mill-stone. Mr Turpin of Seasprays stated that he had contacted the Land Registry about registering title to the grass verge.

There was a lengthy discussion of all the issues raised by members of the public.

It was RESOLVED that:

  • The council investigate the possibility of taking ownership of the road and the potential liabilities this would involve and
  • The council in principle look at moving the millstone to a different location in consultation with residents


The Localism Act 2011 required councils to adopt a new code of conduct. A model code had been drawn up by monitoring officers across Cumbria in consultation with CALC and this, together with guidance notes, had been circulated to all councillors. It was noted that there was a new definition of pecuniary interests which must be declared and the model code also provided for other registrable interests. New register of interest forms were required from all councillors by 28 July.

It was RESOLVED that the model code of conduct be adopted and the register of interests published on the web-site.

130/12 FINANCE

(a) Finance & Risk Advisory Group

Notes of the meeting held on 10 July were received and noted (copy attached to the minutes).

Cllr Strong explained that the qtr 1 review of income/expenditure showed that almost all the income for the year had been received. There had been £710 of miscellaneous income during the quarter as a result of the proceeds of the hog roast event and the returned deposits for the project workshops. Expenditure was relatively low because a number of projects were still on-going and several large items of expenditure were due later in the year..

The group had also discussed the list of assets of the Village in Bloom Committee. It was agreed that members of FRAG meet Village in Bloom Committee members for a further discussion and report back to the council on the future status of the committee.

The group had considered the scope of internal audit and audit plan used last year and recommended that they be adopted unchanged for 2012/13.

The bidding pot for donations was reduced this year because of the large donation given at the end of the last financial year to the Old College Hall project. There was discussion of how the budget should be managed as requests for funding come at different times through the year.

It was RESOLVED that the requests received to date be considered on their merits but no further donations would be made until November when organisations would be invited to


submit requests for funding. For next year 50% of the budget would be available for the first half year with 50% retained for the second part of the year.

It was also RESOLVED that the group’s recommendation on the audit scope and plan be accepted.

(b) Donations

Cllr Gilmour declared his interest as a member of the Parochial Church Council and took no part in the decision relating to the Holiday Club

Two requests for donations had been received.

It was RESOLVED that

  • £100 be awarded to the Cumbria Rungwe Community Link in recognition of the beach clean on 24 June, to be funded from the budget allocation for beach cleaning
  • £125 be awarded to the St Bees Priory Holiday Club on condition that they were able to raise the additional funding required from other sources.

(c) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Cheque no 001740 Blomfields Ltd – filling baskets/troughs (VIB) £597.70 + VAT Total £717.24
  • Cheque no 001741 CBC –play area inspection £39.91 + VAT Total £47.89
  • Cheque no 001742 J Donaldson – clerk’s salary £504.30 + postage £13.20 Total £517.50
  • Cheque no 001743 Mayson Bros– street light repair £96.00 + VAT Total £115.20
  • Cheque no 001744 Viking – stationery + printer supplies £87.33 + VAT Total £107.17
  • Cheque no 001745 Harrisons Packaging– dog waste bags £150 + VAT + delivery Total £188.39
  • Cheque no 001746 Village School Association – donation for assistance with hog roast £200.00 (approved at last meeting)
  • Cheque no 001747 1 st St Bees Scouts– donation for use of facilities £100.00 (approved at last meeting)
  • Cheque no 001748 H Hill – reimbursement for beach event expenses £15.00
  • Cheque no 001749 C Robson – reimbursement for beach event expenses £5.00
  • Cheque no 001750 J Raymond – reimbursement for beach event expenses £20.00
  • Cheque no 001751 N Lawton – reimbursement for beach event expenses £20.00
  • Cheque no 001752 D Kennedy – reimbursement for Jubilee expenses £33.66 + VAT £35.34
  • Cheque no 001753 Cumbria Rungwe community Link – donation for beach clean £100.00


(a) Beach Regeneration Project

Cllr Sim reported on the meeting of the Beach Regeneration Committee on 11 July. It was noted that work on Rottington Beck was nearing completion. Committee members had drawn attention to some problems with movement of the wall and this had been referred to CBC who had the matter in hand. The contractors had laid gravel on the grassed area to enable their vehicles to access the site and it was hoped that this could be left in situ to form the basis of a new path.

The functional specification for the play area had been sent to 12 play equipment companies and 6 had requested site visits. Plans and indicative prices would be submitted by the end of July when a shortlist of suppliers would be selected for interview.

The committee was working on an agreed vision for the main beach area and would be focussing on this at the meeting on 26 th September.


(b) Diamond Jubilee

Expenditure to the end of June had been £1030.43 excl VAT with hog roast receipts of £610. Taking into account the final expenses and the donations to the VSA and Scout Group the overall cost to the parish council was likely to be approx. £800.

(c) Traffic Calming

Cllr Millington had prepared a report on the funding fair he attended which had been circulated to councillors. It was noted that funding options for traffic calming work were limited as most funders viewed this type of work as a highways authority responsibility. The Copeland Community Fund was prepared to consider an application for funding for a speed camera and possibly signage and copies of the draft application had been circulated for comment. It was hoped to have a decision from the Copeland Community Fund by October. Work was to start shortly on the new pavement on Outrigg and, if the project was completed under budget, Highways would seek the consent of the Local Committee to use the funds to help with the other measures in the village.

Cllr Millington agreed to circulate copies of the guide to funders to assist those involved with other projects.

(d) Tree Planting

There was no progress to report.

(e) Walks Booklets

There was no progress to report.


Cllrs Gilmour and Strong had requested that the council consider making a statement of its position on the MRWS debate before the partnership finalised its report. The decision on whether to continue to be involved in the search for a site for deep geological disposal was one which would have profound consequences for West Cumbria. It was noted that the conclusions from the public consultation suggested support for continuing to the next stage but this seemed to contrast with the fact that 70% of parish councils had objections.

There was a lengthy discussion of the options for long-term storage and whether a decision should be taken now which would commit future generations. Concern was also expressed about the apparent bias shown by partnership members in responding to letters of objection in the local press. Key issues identified were that the status quo was not an option and the ability to monitor and retrieve the waste was essential in any long-term solution.

It was RESOLVED that the following position statement be adopted and forwarded to the MRWS Partnership, Cllr E Woodburn, Cllr D Southward and CALC:

  • Storage on the surface is not a long-term option
  • The parish council supports further work towards a long-term storage solution
  • Waste should be monitorable and retrievable for as long as society is capable of managing this
  • There should be no presumption that West Cumbria will be the location for this facility
  • The parish council is concerned about the apparent bias shown by partnership members in responses to objectors printed in the local press



The schedule had been amended in light of suggestions received after the last meeting and the amended version was received and noted.



(a)New applications

The following applications had been received for comment:-

  • Ref 4/12/2306/0F1 Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 4/06/2848

Conversion of canine treatment centre to holiday cottage

High Walton Cottage, Egremont

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.

  • Ref 4/12/2318/0F1 Garage extension

2 Seacroft Drive, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • Ref 4/12/2322/0F1 Detached garage

High Croft, Nethertown Road, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • Ref 4/12/2340/0F1 Remove part external store & erect external garden room

Quarry Bungalow, Sandwith

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • Ref 4/12/2343/0L1 Listed building consent for internal alterations and provision of

new external DDA compliant ramp to main entrance

St Bees School

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

(b) Applications approved/refused

The following decisions by CBC were noted:-

  • Erection of dwelling- Plot 3 Wyndhowe, Seamill Lane – APPROVED

(c) Neighbourhood Plan

The intention to produce a neighbourhood plan would be considered at the September meeting of CBC. A preliminary meeting with CBC officers would be taking place on 17 July.


Progress with on-going matters was noted as follows:

  • Highways defects – feedback had been received from Highways. It was noted that there were no time-scales given for repair work. The Clerk would seek further information from the Better Highways team.
  • National Grid consultation – the agreed response had been sent to the consultation and the position statement had been circulated to the MP, CCC etc as agreed at last meeting
  • Carillion community project scheme – The Clerk had met a representative from Carillion to look at the replacement of stiles with kissing gates on the coastal footpath near the golf course. A decision was awaited on whether they would undertake the work.
  • Litter bins – Clerk had met a CBC officer to look at the location of bins. They had agreed to consider providing an additional bin close to the public footpath on Seamill Lane but this would require consent of CCC to attach a bin to the footpath sign. They would also look at locating a bin on Beach Rd close to the public footpath to the


beach. These would be emptied free of charge as they are on public highways/footpaths.

CBC would also also supply a bin for Fairladies footpath – the cost to the parish

council would be in line with the costs of purchasing a bin from a commercial

supplier. There would be a minimal charge for routine emptying as this is not a public

highway. CBC had agreed to empty the bin on the play area by the Village School on

a regular basis. There would also be a small charge for this service..


A written report had been received from PCSO Watson. There had been a total of 29 calls for service in the month ending 16 July. It was noted that speed checks were still being carried out in the village and that there were three neighbourhood watch schemes in the village with a successful Farm Watch Scheme also in operation.


There were no items to report.


There were no items to report.


(a) A letter had been received from CCC about the preparation of the Cumbria Minerals and Waste Management Local Plan seeking views on what the plan should contain. The deadline for comments was 8 August. The new plan was required by the new National Planning Policy Framework and would be based on MWDF documents that had already been prepared and published and were available on the CCC web-site. Noted

(b) Details had been received of a new tourism training course to be offered by West Cumbria Tourism. The first course would in Silloth on 18 July but further courses would be held in other venues. Noted.

(c) An email had been received from a visitor to the beach about the state of the play area (swings missing). A response had been sent by the Clerk explaining that the swings had been removed for repair by CBC following a safety inspection but had now been replaced.


CALC Circular July/August

Open Spaces Society Annual report & accounts 2011

Dispatches (CBC Newsletter) July 2012

Cumbria Wildlife Trust e-newsletter June 2012


(a) It was noted that Ellerbeck Barn had been awarded a Pride of Copeland award for the best place to stay.

(b) It was reported that the steps adjacent to 9 Main Street, which were well used as a thoroughfare, were in need of repair. The ownership of the steps was not known and the Clerk would make enquiries of the Bursar at St Bees School.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 17th September at 7.35pm in the Village Hall.