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Minutes for January 2007

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 15 January 2007

in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr P Smith (Chairman), N Bettinson, M Clarkson, I Hill, R Mayow, D Millington, C Robson, J Rowlands, D Sim, V Turpin, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J Haile.


No Councillors declared a personal interest in any matters on the agenda.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 December 2006 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman subject to the amendment of minute 395.4(e) to read ‘the footbridge over Pow Beck was in need of attention.’


(a) Drainage problems – Station Road

The Chairman reported that some minor work remained to be done but the main part of the work was complete. A meeting had taken place on site with the resident who was concerned about recent flooding of his property and he was now satisfied that this was not the result of the work which had been done. The bill for the work to date had been received and this was slightly in excess of the estimate because of unforeseen problems.

It was RESOLVED that the bill be approved and a further sum of £250 be approved for the remaining work.

(b) Allotment Water Supply

Home Group had provided copies of the deed of easement for signature. The copies had been signed and returned, although a typing error had been noticed which might necessitate an amendment to the document. A contractor had been identified to do the work.

(c) Fairladies Car Park and Footpath

Story Homes had been asked to provide details of the design and technical specification and to give a progress report on the situation with the footpath. A reply was awaited.

(d) Other items from the Action List


  • Repairs to lighting – Beach car park

Cllr Wilson had raised the matter with CBC who say they were unaware of the report from SBPC. The Clerk would follow this up and clarify the preferred method of reporting in light of the ambiguous advice received from CBC staff.


  • Missing street lights – Station Road

The problem remained unresolved and a further letter had been sent to CBC.

It was RESOLVED that Cllr N Clarkson, Ward Councillor, be asked to take up the matter.


  • Inspection of Play Equipment

The local blacksmith was unable to help. The Clerk would make enquiries to identify a suitable contractor.


  • Flooding

The Chairman was still awaiting a date from Cumbria Highways about a further meeting.


(a) Beach Signs – awaiting contact from CBC about new signs.

(b) Traffic Calming – the Clerk was trying to arrange a further meeting with John Dell, Area Highways Engineer, to discuss the possibility of further measures.


(a)The following items were noted for report to CBC:-


  • A number of street lights were in need of repair:- no 92 on Station Road, the row of lights along Mirehouse Road between the A595 and the B5345, no 148 on the island by the Beach car park, and several lights in the Beach car park.



  • The metal bridge at Gutterfoot is still in a dangerous condition
  • The cardboard recycling bin at the Station car park is full
  • The dog litter bin at the main beach is rusting
  • Signs are required at Seamill beach asking dog owners to use the bins provided
  • The launching ramp at the main beach is in need of attention as the metal reinforcing bars are showing through the concrete.
  • The area around the stables at Linethwaite is untidy with a number of vehicles permanently parked there. The Clerk to check the details of the planning consent for the site.
  • Concerns have been expressed about the raves now being held at the Seacote Hotel. The Clerk to check the licensing requirements and seek information from the local police about policing of these events.
  • A report was discussed about the current use of the Seacote Hotel as part of CBC’s rehousing policy. The Clerk to investigate with CBC and CBC Ward Councillor.


The following items were noted for report to CCC:-


  • The sign to the caravan park has still not been replaced. Cumbria Highways say this will be done within their programme of planned works when the budget permits. The Clerk is continuing to pursue the matter.
  • The hedge on Abbey Road is still causing a problem.
  • There are pot-holes on the B5345 near the level crossing and by Abbey Corner.
  • A section of the road surface is breaking up where patching work was done on the B5345 near the top of the hill towards Whitehaven.
  • There is a loose slab of concrete between the rails on the level crossing – the Clerk to check if this is a Network Rail responsibility.
  • The painting on the hatched area at the level crossing is faded and needs to be repainted.


(a) New Applications

The Planning Advisory Committee reported on one new application since the last meeting:-


  • 4/06/2848/0F1 Valley View, Foulyeat Cottages, Moor Row – Conversion of canine treatment centre to holiday cottage

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this proposed development.

(b) Planning Training

Attendance at the planning seminar organised by CBC on 13 February was discussed.

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Clarkson and Cllr Smith attend.


(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-


  • Cheque no 001222 St Bees Enterprises Ltd – photocopying £31.61
  • Cheque no 001223 CPRE – annual subscription £27.00
  • Cheque no 001224 R Stout – maintenance of Beck Edge Garden 2005 & 2006 £265
  • Cheque no 001225 C Crayston – drainage work, Station Road £1249.05
  • Cheque no 001226 J Donaldson – Clerk’s salary January 2007 £269.73
  • Cheque no 001227 Printpoint (Cumbria) Ltd – printing of Parish Walks leaflets £320.00
  • Cheque no 001228 P Preston – contribution to electricity etc, village Christmas tree £25.00

It was reported that the following payment had been made since the last meeting authorised by the Village in Bloom Committee:-


  • Cheque no 001221 C Smith – use of water and electricity 2006 £30



(a) Letter received from CCC (dated 12 January) enclosing a draft copy of their proposals for a unitary authority for Cumbria. Comments were invited, preferably by 17 January when the document would be considered by the County Council. There was lengthy discussion of the proposals and possible implications and criticism of the short timescale provided for comment before the document was finalised.

It was RESOLVED that CCC, Cllr Southward and Jamie Reed MP be informed of the concern that the timescale was so short that it allowed no opportunity for proper consultation. Parish Councillors would access the text of the document on the County Council web-site to enable informed comments to be submitted in due course.

(b) Invitation received from CALC to a meeting at Newton Rigg on 3 February to discuss the County and District Councils’ proposals for the future structure of local government in Cumbria.

It was RESOLVED that Cllrs Smith and Millington be nominated to attend.

(c) Invitation received for Councillors to attend the CALC Copeland District meeting on 1 February when CBC Chief Executive would be speaking on the Local Government White Paper.

(d) Request received from Mr Woods of Station Road for the vegetation on the lane behind his home to be strimmed. This had been done on an ad hoc basis in previous years. It was RESOLVED that this should be included in the schedule of grass cutting.

(e) A complaint had been received from a local resident about the quarrying operations at Birkhams Quarry. Further information in support of her complaint had been received from a relative of the complainant. It was RESOLVED that Cllrs Mayow and Rowlands investigate the situation and report back to the next meeting.

(f) Ian McAndrew had contacted the Chairman on behalf of the First Responders Group seeking the view of the Parish Council on plans to site cabinets in two locations in the village. The Group was investigating whether planning permission was required. It was agreed that the Parish Council would consider the request in due course as a planning application.

(g) Correspondence had been received from Ian McAndrew requesting funding to cover the costs of transferring weather data from earlier years to a spread sheet. This would enable the information to be used in discussions about current flooding problems. It was RESOLVED that the matter be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


CALC Newsletter December/January and Quality Parish Update


(a) The contractor would be starting work on replacing the wooden fence at Beck Edge Garden as soon as the weather improves.

(b) The gate to Priory Paddock had been damaged in the bad weather and is need of replacement. Cllr Bettinson would look at the possible options and report back to a future meeting.

(c) Grit bins had not yet been placed on the Beach estate. The Clerk would follow up the request.

(d) Residents had noticed that drivers travelling through St Bees on their way to work were dropping off black rubbish bags by the side of the road. The Clerk would ask CBC whether action could be taken if the culprits were able to be identified.

(e) The ramp at Seamill beach was in need of repair. As the original construction had been financed by Railtrack, the Clerk would approach Network Rail for a contribution to the costs of repair work.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 19 February 2007 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.