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Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 16 May 2005

in the Village Hall


318.1 PRESENT: Cllr G P Smith(Chairman), Cllr D Sim(Vice-Chairman), Cllrs J Haile, N Killip, R Mayow, J Rance, M Richards, C Robson, J Rowlands, V Turpin, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.

In Attendance: 1 member of the public (Mr K Ross)


318.2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr D Millington



No declarations of interest were received.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the monthly meeting held on 18 April 2005 be accepted as a true record.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 18 April 2005 be accepted as a true record subject to the amendment of the final sentence of minute 310.5 to read 2005 rather than 2004.



(a) Station Car Park

Temporary signs are now in place. CBC has indicated that it would be prepared to contribute 50% of the cost of a more permanent sign and will obtain quotations on receipt of suitable artwork from SBPC. Cllr Sim offered to provide the Clerk with suitable artwork.

(b) Fairladies Car Park and Footpath

CBC had written to the agents for the developer pointing out that building work on phase 3 before completion of the car park and footpath was a breach of the planning consent and therefore unlawful.

It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to CBC to ask what enforcement action is to be taken to ensure compliance with the conditions of the planning consent.

(c) Anti-Social Behaviour Issues- Beach Car Park and Foreshore

Following the discussions at the Annual Parish Meeting, a meeting had taken place on 10 May with representatives of CBC and the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership. SBPC had been represented by Cllrs Smith and Wilson, and Marcus Clarkson had attended to represent the views of local residents. The CDRP had agreed to develop an action plan involving all relevant agencies.

It was RESOLVED that Toni Magean and representatives of the CDRP be invited to the next meeting to report on progress.

(d) Beach area –Maintenance Issues

CBC is arranging to advertise in St Bees News for someone to lock/unlock the toilets. Keith Parker, CBC has agreed to look into the issues of litter bins, seats, pot-holes and drains and has asked the Property Services Dept to carry out an inspection of the state of the toilet block.

(e) Overview and Scrutiny Workplan

Following the last meeting 4 suggestions had been put forward to CBC, including a review of asset management, a review of CBC’s working arrangements with Parish Councils ( including an



audit of response times), investigation of how Parish Plans will fit with the new planning system and an evaluation of the anti-social behaviour policy. The suggestions were well received by CBC who hope to include some, if not all, in their programme.

(f) Traffic Calming

The Clerk reported that a letter had been sent to Cumbria Highways as agreed at the last meeting but no reply had yet been received. A new Acting Area Engineer had recently been appointed and

this had caused some delays.

The Chairman then agreed to Mr Ross’ request to speak on this subject. Mr Ross explained that he supported the retention of the 20mph limit but believed that the decision to modify the speed humps should be looked at again. Mr Ross explained that his wife was now virtually unable to leave home because of the risk of injury in travelling over the humps. At this point the Chairman closed the discussion, pointing out that the Highways Dept had already been asked if they wished to offer further advice in the light of Mr Ross’ earlier letter and the Parish Council would now await their reply.

Mr Ross then left the meeting.



The Clerk reported that there had been 9 requests for allotments following the article in St Bees News. Part of the field is currently let for grazing while it has not been required for allotments and would need to be marked out into plots. The allocation policy, rent and other tenancy conditions were reviewed.

It was RESOLVED that:-

  • The NALC model agreement be used as the basis of the new tenancy agreement.
  • The rent be increased to £15 per plot per annum.
  • Plots be allocated initially on the basis of 1 plot per household with priority being given to those currently living in the Parish.



It was RESOLVED to organise a walk of all paths within the Parish to check signage, obstructions etc. on Saturday 16 July 2005. The event would be publicised in the St Bees News and on notice boards, and the Scouts, Guides and Explorer Group would be invited to take part.



The questionnaire is now ready and will be distributed shortly to all households. The Countryside Agency grant was conditional on the Parish Council making a financial contribution of 5% to the cost of the project.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council contribution (£295) be made available to the Parish Plan Committee as required.



The following items were identified for report to CCC:-

  • One of the 20mph signs on the B5345 at the entrance to the village from the north is missing. The sign on the opposite side of the road is obscured by trees.
  • The controlled area sign adjacent to the notice board in Main Street has been turned round.
  • A red warning disc is missing at Abbey Corner. The missing disc opposite Millfield has already been reported and is to be replaced.



  • There is no longer a sign indicating the way to the beach from the station. CCC to be asked to replace the sign or put up a tourist sign indicating the start of the Coast- to –Coast Walk.



(a) New Applications

  • Erection of 1000m overhead electricity line to replace existing 2500m-Moor Row.

No objection.

  • 24 Main Street – change of use from shop to residential – further details awaited

(b) Applications Approved

  • Enclosure for generator and condenser, Westlakes Science Park
  • Metal storage shed, St Bees Youth Centre

(c) Seacote Caravan Park

A copy of the latest report of the Landscape Technical Officer had been received, showing that little remedial work was necessary but recommending careful watering through the summer to ensure plants survive

It was RESOLVED to write to Mr Milburn asking for an assurance that he will comply with the report and its recommendations in light of the concerns of local residents.

(d) Tree Preservation Order, Fleatham House

A copy of the final order had now been received.

(e) Copeland Local Plan – 2 nd Deposit

A copy of the plan had been received. Members of the Planning Committee would be considering the changes made following consultation on the 1 st deposit



(a) Renewal of Insurance

The renewal proposal and policy schedule were reviewed. It was noted that annual inspection of play equipment was a condition of the insurance. It was also noted that the population quoted in Section 1 was incorrect.

It was RESOLVED to renew the policy, pointing out the correct population figure, and to ask for further details of the optional extension of cover available for personal accident and officials indemnity.

(b) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:-

  • Cheque no 001108 R Mayow – printing of Parish Walks leaflets £20.40
  • Cheque no 001109 YSJ Seeds – supply of gorse (£ 31.60+VAT) £37.14
  • Cheque no 001110 Allianz Cornhill plc- insurance £633.90

(c) Cancellation of Direct Debit

It was RESOLVED to write to Nat West Bank authorising the cancellation of the direct debit payments to BT for the broadband contract.



(a) Letter from Capita Symonds seeking comments on an application to hold car boot sales at the beach car park.

It was RESOLVED that an objection be lodged on the grounds that this would cause further disturbance to residents of nearby properties, parking would be displaced to the roads on the




beach estate, and there would be insufficient parking for visitors wishing to use the beach for leisure purposes.

(b) Letter from Cumbria County Council about the consultation process on the Cumbria Minerals and Waste Development Framework. No comments to be submitted at this stage.

(c)Cumbria Playing Fields Association – request for financial contribution. No action required.

(d) CALC notification of Special General Meeting on 22 June 2005 and request for nominations for the Executive Committee.

(e) Notification of Six Parishes Meeting on 17 May 2005.

(f) E-mail from Cllr Sim about liaison with the new MP.

It was RESOLVED that an invitation be extended to Mr Reed to meet members of the Parish Council. The purpose of the meeting would be for SBPC to explain current activities and challenges and explore what help Mr Reed may be able to give and for Mr Reed to explain how his policies would benefit local communities.

(g) Letter of thanks from Cllr Haile for his retirement gift.

(h) Letter from the Youth Committee expressing thanks for the donation to assist with set-up costs.


Friends of the Lake District – Rural Road Character Research – Summary Report

Fieldwork (CPRE Newsletter) – March 2005

CBC Overview and Scrutiny Report

CCC Parish Profile

CALC Circular May 2005 and Quality Parish Update



(a) Noticeboards

The new noticeboard at the beach had been put up by Cllrs Wilson and Haile. The old noticeboard had a broken lock and it was RESOLVED that this was now surplus to requirements and should be disposed of. Cllr Mayow agreed to fit new glass to the noticeboard at the top of Seamill Lane.

(b) New Childrens Centre

Cllr Rance had reviewed the information about the development of a new children’s centre in Egremont but also serving the St Bees area and would pass the information to the Pre-School Group to ensure they were aware of the development.

(c) Footpath signs

There had been no response yet from the County Council to the request for new signs. Cllr Mayow has some suitable signs and it was RESOLVED that posts be purchased and new signs erected as required.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting be held on Monday 20 June at 7.30pm