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Draft Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 18 July 2005

in the Village Hall

326.1 PRESENT: Cllr D Sim (Vice-Chairman) in the Chair, Cllr J Haile, C Robson, V Turpin,

D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.

In Attendance: 1 member of the public (Mr K Ross)


326.2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllrs N Bettinson, N Killip, R Mayow, D Millington,

M Richards, J Rowlands and G P Smith



No declarations of interest were received.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the monthly meeting held on 20 June 2005 be accepted as a true record.



(a) Traffic Calming

No reply had yet been received from Mr Hankin to the request for a meeting to discuss the proposed modifications. Cllr Southward had indicated that he was not aware of the revised proposals and was seeking further information from the relevant officers.

(b) Fairladies Car Park and Footpath

No date had yet been set for the next meeting with Story Homes because of holiday commitments. Story Homes had indicated at the last meeting that the footpath would be provided but construction had not yet begun. Referring to the discussion at the previous meeting, Cllr Wilson requested that in future business from which the press and public are excluded should be dealt with at the end of the agenda. This was noted.

It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to Story Homes asking for information on progress with the footpath in light of concerns that land ownership issues may be a problem.

(c) Allotments

Letters had been received from three allotment holders objecting to the proposal to increase the annual rent to £15. A new tenancy agreement had been drawn up in line with the NALC model. A meeting was taking place this week with prospective new tenants to allocate plots and a waiting list was in operation.

It was RESOLVED that a reply be sent to existing tenants acknowledging their concerns but explaining that the Council believed the increase was appropriate as there had been no rent increase for at least 27 years and pointing out that the Council was actively looking at the possibility of installing a water supply.

(d) Inspection of War Memorial

Arrangements had been made with 1 st First ER Surveys for a survey of the war memorial. The cost would be £270 + VAT (within the spending limit agreed at the last meeting) and a cheque had been sent as payment is required in advance. A report was expected shortly.

(e) CBC Overview and Scrutiny Workplan

Cllr Millington had reviewed the correspondence and Workplan and had drafted a reply for approval.

It was RESOLVED that the reply be approved and sent to C.B.C.

(f) Litter Bin- Play Area

It had not been possible to identify who was emptying the existing bin. A closed bin was considered to be most appropriate for the play area and the Clerk would investigate possible models and prices.

(g) Green Lonning/Moorclose Rights of Way

CCC had confirmed that the reports would be presented to the relevant Committee in July.




(h) Beach Play Area

The age limit of 14 years is set by byelaws and is intended to prevent inappropriate use of play equipment by older teenagers and is not intended to prevent parents supervising young children.



A questionnaire had been received from Cumbria Constabulary seeking views on future priorities for policing and inviting the Council to be involved in a local focus group.

It was RESOLVED that a reply be sent indicating that SBPC would be willing to be involved in a local focus group.



The deadline for return of the Parish Plan questionnaire was now passed and there had been an encouraging response. The Committee would be meeting again this week.

It was RESOLVED that minutes of Parish Plan Committee meetings be circulated with the agenda for full Council meetings.



The following items were identified for report to CBC:-

  • The lights at the beach car park have still not been repaired
  • More litter bins are needed on the grassed area behind the promenade
  • New seats have not been installed to replace the concrete seats which were removed for safety reasons
  • The guttering is still hanging off the toilet building and may be a safety hazard
  • The area in front of the beach shop is very uneven and in need of urgent attention
  • The street light on Station Rd/Coach Rd is still in need of a new top section
  • The iron frame on the bridge at Rottington is broken and a child could easily fall into the beck.


It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to Keith Parker of CBC with a copy to Cllr Wormstrup expressing concern that the issues at the beach area have not been resolved despite previous reports.



The following items were identified for report to Cumbria County Council:-

  • The sign between Milburn’s car park and the Seacote which indicated the way to the caravan site has been missing for some time. As a result drivers towing caravans are driving into the beach estate and are having problems in turning round.
  • Red warning discs have not been replaced at 3 locations - on Ellerghyll Bridge on the St Bees to Egremont road, at Abbey Corner and opposite Millfield.
  • A ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’ sign is still in the hedge adjacent to Monkshill although construction has finished. This is misleading and needs to be removed.
  • A sign is required adjacent to Grindal House indicating the Station Car Park.



(a)New Applications

  • Field 6371 – Erection of general purpose/sheep building – No objections.

(b) Applications Approved

  • Loughrigg Farm – General purpose building for storage and sheep handling.
  • Fairladies Farm– Calving boxes and isolation box.





(a) Donations

The History Group had requested assistance in purchasing display boards. A grant towards the purchase had been obtained from the Neighbourhood Forum and it was the group’s intention that the boards would also be available for loan to other groups within the Parish.

It was RESOLVED that the boards be purchased on behalf of the History Group who would contribute £249.98 to the cost with the Council donating the remaining £45.72. No VAT would be reclaimed.

(b) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:-

  • Cheque no 001121 Mrs J Donaldson – reimbursement for purchase of accounts software from Amazon.co.uk (£30.62+VAT)Total £35.98
  • Cheque no 001122 Six Parish Councils subscription 2005/6 £10.00
  • Cheque no 001123 Viking Direct - stationery (£16.95+VAT)Total £19.92
  • Cheque no 001124 CALC – course fee £15.00
  • Cheque no 001125 Viking Direct – Display Boards for History Group (£249.98 + VAT) Total £ 296.03

It was reported that one payment had been made for expenditure authorised at the last meeting :-

  • Cheque no 001120 1 st ER Surveys – survey of war memorial £270 +VAT Total £317.25

(c) Internal Audit Recommendations

Arrangements have been agreed for the future management of the Village in Bloom petty cash account and will be included in the financial regulations which are being prepared. The account records are being transferred to the new computerised accounts system but a paper copy will be kept to comply with Audit Commission recommendations. Correspondence has been received from the Inland Revenue about PAYE matters.




  • Letter of thanks from St Bees Scouts for recent donation
  • Local Council Review – July 2005



(a) It was reported that the Sewell memoirs to be published by the History Group are about to go to the printer.

(b) It was pointed out that the Council had not renewed its subscription to Friends of the Priory. Cllr Turpin agreed to ask for a formal request to be sent to the Clerk for consideration at the next meeting.

(c) It was suggested that agenda notices on the noticeboards should indicate clearly that the public are welcome to attend and observe meetings. It was pointed out that the accounts for 2004/5 were not displayed on the noticeboards. This would be done when the audited accounts were received back from the Audit Commission.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 19 September 2005 at 7.30pm.