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Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 17 January 2005 in the Village Hall


295.1 PRESENT: Cllr G P Smith (Chairman), Cllr D Sim (Vice Chairman), Cllrs N Killip, V Turpin, C Robson, J Rowlands, H Wilson, N Bettinson, M Richards, D Warbrick, J Rance and the Clerk.

1 member of the public present


295.2 APOLOGIES: Cllrs J Haile and D Millington



It was AGREED that the minutes of the meeting held on 13 December 2004 be accepted as a true record subject to the addition of Cllr Richards’ name to those sending apologies.



(a) Station Car Park

The Clerk reported on the meeting which had taken place on 22 December with Keith Parker of CBC. Cllr Millington had put forward the proposal agreed at the last meeting on the basis of a 1 year trial period. Mr Parker had agreed to put this to Councillors at the first opportunity. Cllr Millington had also briefed Cllr Norman Clarkson on the position to enlist his support.


(b) Traffic Calming

The Clerk reported that a letter had been sent to Richard Hayward following the last meeting requesting details of the time-scale for carrying out the work agreed. No reply had yet been received but the information provided by Mr Hayward for the last meeting indicated that it was planned for this financial year.

Proposals for additional traffic calming measures on the B5345 and on Outrigg Road had now been published.

The Chairman invited the member of the public present to speak on this subject but this invitation was not taken up.


(c) Actions from Last Meeting

The action list from the last meeting was reviewed. The following items were outstanding:-

  • A595 Detrunking – the Clerk was in the process of identifying the comments previously made by SBPC and the letter would be sent as soon as possible.
  • Freedom of Information Act – Cllr Sim reported that the Publication Scheme would be included in the parish magazine as soon as possible. Cllr Wilson suggested that wider publicity be considered as some areas of the civil parish lie outside the area covered by St Bees News.
  • Stile - as Cllr Mayow was not present, no information was available on progress.



(a) Fairladies Development

The Chairman presented the minutes of the Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 21 December to consider issues relating to the proposed car park on the Fairladies estate.


The terms of the original planning consent had been checked and, although provision of a car park and footpath were conditions of the planning consent, there was no stipulation that the car park must be free. The Sub-Committee was concerned that the developer might ask CBC to remove this condition from the planning consent.

Following the Sub-Committee meeting a letter had been sent to CBC (copied to Norman Clarkson) asking that SBPC be consulted before any changes were agreed to the planning conditions. Tony Pomfret of CBC had given an assurance that this would be done.

Cllr Killip reported the results of an informal survey of householders living between the turning circle and Outrigg. Of the 22 responses 17 had believed that the car park should be provided and 12 said it would be of use to them personally. There was a strong view amongst those sampled that the car park should be free.

Norman Clarkson had indicated that he favoured the idea of the developer setting up a fund for future maintenance with SBPC managing the car park.

SBPC had previously declined to play a role in the management of the car park but the Sub- Committee recommended that this be reconsidered in the light of CBC’s decision not to adopt the car park.

Concerns had also been raised with Councillors about the speed of lorries travelling through Main Street and the amount of mud being left on the road.


It was AGREED that discussions be reopened with the developer about the management of the car park and that the developer be asked to speak to contractors about the use of Main Street by heavy lorries.( Proposed by Cllr Sim, seconded by Cllr Robson)


(b) New Applications

  • 4 Vale View- block up rear door and convert side window to door. No objections.
  • Highfield, Egremont Road- single storey extension to rear. No objections.


(c) Approved by CBC

  • Fairladies Development plots 42-78
  • Westlakes- 2 storey development & car park- plateau 2


(d) Amended Applications

  • Green Lonning Field 0056- relocation of general purpose building. No objections.
  • Khandella House – No objections.
  • Fleatham House Hotel- change from 7 to 5 dwellings. I t was considered that the objections already raised remain valid. It was AGREED that a letter be sent to CBC restating the objections.


(e) Tree Preservation Order- Fleatham House

A provisional order was now in place. It was AGREED that a letter be sent to CBC asking that the order be confirmed.



The minutes of the emergency meeting held on 9 January 2005 to consider issues relating to storm damage were approved as a true record.


The village ‘clean-up’ had taken place on Saturday 15 January and there had been an encouraging response. The debris was now bagged and awaiting collection. It was suggested that such events could be held periodically to keep the village tidy.

It was AGREED that letters of thanks be sent to Doris Rohr and Russell Hall.(Proposed by Cllr Rance)


The proposal to set up a Sub-Committee to consider drawing up an emergency plan was discussed further.

It was AGREED that CCC’s Emergency Planning Officer be invited to attend a future meeting and that a Sub-Committee then be established to consider emergency planning.(Proposed by Cllr Rowlands)



(a) Letter from St Bees in Bloom Committee enclosing a copy of an article to appear in St Bees News explaining their decision not to participate in Cumbria in Bloom 2005 because of the increased charges by CBC.

It was AGREED that a letter be sent to CBC (with copies to Cllrs Clarkson and Wormstrup) expressing disappointment that their charges would prevent the village taking part in the competition.


(b) Letter from St Bees in Bloom asking about SBPC funding for 2005/6. It was noted that provision had already been made in the budget for a donation.


(c) Letter from the Cycle Path Co. seeking financial support for maintenance of the cycle path.

It was AGREED that a £50 donation be made and a letter be sent to the company urging them to improve the current state of the cycle path as soon as possible.(Proposed by Cllr Sim, seconded by Cllr Bettinson)


(d) Letter from Cumbria Highways proposing gateway features on the B5345 and Outrigg Road to reduce the speed of traffic entering the village.A letter had also been received from Mr T Hughes of ‘Ynohtna’, Outrigg objecting to the siting of the ‘build out’ immediately outside his property because of access problems and safety concerns.

It was AGREED that a letter be sent to Cumbria Highways, supporting the principle of traffic calming but proposing that the ‘build out’ be resited further down Outrigg,above the gas governor house, and stating that SBPC believed that the proposed road markings on the B5345 would not be sufficient to slow the traffic.


(e) Letter from Mrs S Stamper requesting information on progress with the siting of the seat her family are to donate. It was noted that the Clerk had replied to Mrs Stamper and Cllr Haile would be progressing matters with the landowners.


(f) Letter from CCC Health and Well-being Scrutiny Committee inviting comments on proposals for the future of health services in North Cumbria.

It was AGREED that Cllr Rance consider the proposals on behalf of SBPC.



(g) Letter from FLAG ( Furness Line Action Group) inviting the renewal of the subscription.

It was AGREED that the subscription be renewed at a cost of £10 (Proposed by Cllr Bettinson, seconded by Cllr Sim)


(h) Notice of Joint Meeting of CBC and Parish Councils to be held on 24/2/05. It was noted that the Chairman and Clerk would be attending.


(i) Items received for information:-

  • Highways Agency A595 Detrunking- appointment of programme officer
  • Cumbria Fire Service- promoting free safety checks
  • Cumbria Highways – temp closure of C4020 at Nethertown
  • CBC – copy of new Licensing Policy
  • ‘County-wide’ – newsletter VAC/Countryside Agency
  • ‘Rock Report’ – newsletter of the Northern Rock Foundation
  • Friends of the Lake District magazine



It was AGREED that the following expenditure be authorised (Proposed by Cllr Richards, seconded by Cllr Warbrick):-

  • J Rowlands –reimbursement for Christmas lights £69.17
  • St Bees Enterprises Ltd – photocopying £55.30 + VAT
  • Web- site improvements £370
  • Petty Cash – St Bees in Bloom £100
  • K Hammell – Grass Cutting £ 55.80
  • CALC – copy of Powers & Constitutions £6



The Chairman reported that a sub-group comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk had looked in detail at the NALC model Standing Orders and had identified some amendments which could be made. Some of the standing orders seemed inappropriate for a small parish council and could be simplified to make them more relevant and easier to use.

It was AGREED that the sub-group consider the model standing orders further and present a draft for adoption. Any comments/suggestions from other Councillors should be passed to the Chairman or Clerk.( Proposed by Cllr Sim)



Cllr Richards reported on progress. The questionnaire to be sent to all households was now being finalised and could include questions proposed by SBPC.

It was AGREED that any ideas for questions to be included be sent via the Clerk.



The following items were noted for report to CBC:-



  • The street lights reported at the last meeting had still not been repaired. In addition several street lights between Station Garage and the golf club were not working and one light at the Beach Car Park was in need of repair.
  • The bus shelter at the turning circle which was taken down during building work on Fairladies has still not been replaced.
  • There was an accumulation of polystyrene and debris in the beck which needs to be cleared.
  • A fridge has been dumped at the end of Firth Drive and needs to be removed.



The following items were noted for report to CCC:-

  • Mud is washing down Outrigg during periods of heavy rain. The drains on the lower part of Outrigg are higher than the road surface and are ineffective.
  • The road between Abbotts Court and Flatt House is often under water. If the road was levelled, water could be channelled to the drain in the field opposite.
  • The pavement on Coach Road between the bus stop and the entrance to the golf club is in a very poor state of repair and is becoming a safety issue.
  • The cover on the drain outside the Oddfellows Arms is in need of replacement.
  • A finger post is required on the Main St opposite the school lane pointing out pedestrian access to the village library.
  • At the end of Firth Drive the sign detailing parking restrictions has been broken off, leaving a sharp metal stump in the ground. A similar problem also exists on Main Street between no27 and the shop.



The notice board in the Main Street has still not been repaired and this is causing problems with posting copies of agendas and minutes. The sign adjacent to the rimming stone also needs repair.

It was AGREED that Mr Edwards be asked to undertake the repairs as soon as possible.



Cllr Rowlands drew attention to the problem of unruly behaviour by groups of young men outside the local pubs at New Year.

It was AGREED that this be included as an agenda item at a future meeting.



It was AGREED that the next meeting take place on MONDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2005 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.