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Draft Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 21 February 2005 in the Village Hall


300.1 PRESENT: Cllr G P Smith (Chairman), Cllrs N Bettinson, J Haile, N Killip, R Mayow, D Millington, J Rowlands, M Richards, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.



300.2 APOLOGIES: Cllrs J Rance, D Sim, V Turpin



It was AGREED that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 January 2005 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman. (proposed by Cllr Warbrick)



(a) Station Car Park

The Clerk reported the proposal would be considered by CBC on 22 February and the indications were that it was likely to be accepted.

(b) Traffic Calming

The Clerk reported that at a meeting of the Local Committee earlier in the day it had been agreed that £5000 be allocated for remedial work to the existing speed bumps in the area of Beach Rd/Abbey Rd. This was still subject to an 8 day call-in period. If confirmed, funding would be available in April and work would take place as soon as it could be fitted into the contractor’s programme. No funding had been allocated to other traffic calming measures. The proposal to construct a build-out on Outrigg had been withdrawn following a site visit.

It was AGREED that the police be asked to monitor the speed of vehicles travelling through Main Street, particularly early in the morning.(proposed by Cllr Wilson)

(c) Fairladies Car Park

The Chairman reported that a reply had been received from Story Homes stating that they wished to defer a meeting with SBPC until they had met CBC Planning Officers. The Clerk had written to the Planning Officer to keep him informed of the position.

(d) Actions from Last Meeting

The action list from the last meeting was reviewed. Cllr Mayow confirmed that the stile kit had been ordered and the landowner had agreed to erect it.



(a) New Applications

  • Blythe Place - The Chairman reported that an application had been made for 4 dwellings on the site of the nursery. There had been a delay in receiving the plans as CBC had sent them to the previous clerk in error and there was a deadline for comments. Following consultation with the Planning Sub-Committee the Chairman had authorised a response to CBC restating the objections raised to an earlier application for 6 dwellings on the site.
    It was AGREED that the Chairman’s actions be approved. (proposed by Cllr Killip, seconded by Cllr Mayow).
  • Wood Lane – Application to extend car park and provide safe turning area.
    (Cllr Rowlands declared an interest in this matter)


It was AGREED that there was no objection in principle to the development but that comments be submitted requesting that the work be done with the least possible damage to trees and hedges, that no disturbance be caused to the pond and that an assurance be sought that no further tipping or burning of rubbish take place in this area.(proposed by Cllr Bettinson).

  • Seacote Park- Application to erect a store for garden machinery/implements and a gas bottle storage area. No objections.
  • The Retreat- Application to fell wild cherry tree and reduce height of three holly trees. No objection.
  • Ivy Hill Bank Top – Application to install collinear antenna. No objections.
  • Fleatham House – Application to fell oak, ash, elm and sycamore trees. No plan had been supplied by CBC.
    It was AGREED that an objection be lodged in principle to the felling of trees and that a full site plan be requested.(proposed by Cllr Bettinson)

(b) Approvals

  • 14 Abbotts Way – 2 storey extension(subject to 2 parking spaces being provided)
  • Long Edge, Linethwaite – extension
  • 30 The Crofts – double garage (subject to approval of plans for surface water drainage)
  • Highfield, Egremont Rd – extension to rear
  • 4 Vale View – Block up rear door, convert side window to door
  • Town Head Farm – conversion of farm buildings to create 2 dwellings(subject to survey by ecologist to identify the presence of bats/barn owls and protection measures if required)
  • Millfield, Beach Rd – extension

(c) Green Lonning

A draft report was received from CCC indicating that the County Council is minded to agree to the proposal to register this as a byway open to all traffic.

(d) Caravan Park

The full report of the Landscape Technical Officer had now been received.



(a) Copy of letter to CBC Planning Officer received from Mrs L Hilton, Nethertown Rd, objecting to planning application for Blythe Place.

(b)Letter received from Miss C M Bass about flooding problems at her property caused by water draining from adjacent field and asking for help in identifying the landowner. The Clerk to reply with the information requested.

(c) Letter from St Bees Pre-School Group seeking permission to use the Pinfold as a play area. It was AGREED that permission be given on condition that it is retained as a grassed area, that no permanent or semi-permanent play equipment is installed and that an assurance is given that all play activities will be covered by the Group’s own insurance.(proposed by Cllr Haile)

(d) Letter received from Brockbank, Cain and Hall confirming the transfer of ownership of the Beach footpath and explaining that formalities of registration with the Land



Registry and Inland Revenue could take some time to complete. The Clerk to inform the insurers of the acquisition.

(e) CALC survey. The Chairman and Clerk would complete this as far as possible and bring it back for discussion at the next meeting.

(f) Joint Parishes Meeting – 14 March. The Chairman and Clerk to attend.

(g) Seminar on the new planning system – Wed. 9 March. Cllr Millington and the Clerk to attend.

(h) Letter from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister notifying the authorisation of the Clerk and Chairman as qualified persons under the Freedom of Information Act.

(i) Letter from Mrs J Warbrick, Community Governor, St Bees Village School about recent incidents of vandalism around the school and car park. The letter asked whether vandalism was occurring at the playground which appears to be used as a meeting point for groups of teenagers and whether SBPC would support transfer of play facilities to the Beach playground.

It was AGREED that a reply be sent stating that SBPC were not aware of any problems of vandalism and would resist any proposal to relocate the play facilities.(proposed by Cllr Bettinson)


  • Bye-laws for cosmetic piercing and semi-permanent skin colouring
  • CALC Circular February 2005
  • Highways Agency – Traffic Information and roadworks leaflet
  • NALC Update on Freedom of Information Act



(a) Payments

It was AGREED that the following payments be authorised (proposed by Cllr Rowlands, seconded by Cllr Bettinson):-

  • Dr I McAndrew – Reimbursement of costs for internet services and software

(Your Name Here £20 & £80, Dabs.com £355.99 incl VAT)

  • P Graham – Electricity for Christmas Lights £18
  • CPRE subscription £25
  • Robin Hood Sawmill £9.98 incl VAT
  • Parish Plan Committee £2212 (this amends minute no 287.1 .Parish Plan Committee to reimburse the sum of £23.99 for expenses already incurred)

(b ) Notification of Council Tax Rates 2005/6

CBC had confirmed the precept as £14270 and had provided a schedule of the precept levy and charge per council tax band.



It was AGREED that Cllr Rance respond to the consultation on behalf of SBPC (proposed by Cllr Smith)



It was AGREED that Councillors would forward comments to the Clerk who would coordinate the response to the consultation.






The draft Standing Orders (previously circulated) were discussed.

It was AGREED that the draft be amended in the light of comments received and be considered at the next meeting.



The Chairman reported on progress with the questionnaire. This would shortly be tested on a small sample before being issued to all households.



The following items were identified for report to CBC:-

  • The pavement between the Seacroft Estate and the Post Office needs to be cleared of rubbish
  • Street light no 93 and the light between nos 9 and 10 (previously reported) are not working. The lights at the Beach car park have still not been repaired.

The Clerk reported that a reply had been received from CBC about street light repairs reported at the last meeting. Any lights requiring a globe, photocell or fuse would be repaired within 5 days. Light no 3 was a County responsibility and the report had been passed on. The lights at Monks Hill had not yet been adopted and remained the responsibility of the developer.



The following items wereidentified for report to CCC:-

  • White lines in several locations eg Abbey Corner are worn and in need of repainting
  • White lines along the sides of the road between the top of the hill and Bell House Farm have not been provided as promised
  • There are no signs warning of speed bumps on Abbey Road. The Clerk to check whether this is a legal obligation.
  • The finger post adjacent to the stile on the footpath from Seamill foreshore to Seamill Lane is missing. If CCC will fund the costs of a replacement Cllr Mayow agreed to install it.
  • Drainage on Outrigg is very poor in heavy rain.
  • The grate on the storm drain outside the Oddfellows is still in need of repair.
  • The cast iron railings alongside the road on Station Rd/Coach Rd are in a poor state of repair. It is not clear who is responsible for maintenance. The Clerk to ask CCC to repair or contact the appropriate landowner.



(a) Cllr Bettinson reported that the fence alongside the railway track by the Seamill footpath was broken with a risk that animals or children could stray onto the track.

The Clerk to report this to Network Rail.

(b) The slatted wooden fence at the side of Beck Edge Garden had been damaged in the recent storms. Cllr Haile to ask Mr Hammell to carry out repairs.






(a) Rowdyism – Beach Car park

A reply had been received from Toni Magean, CBC in response to concerns reported at a recent meeting.

It was AGREED that Toni Magean and a representative of the police be invited to attend the next meeting.

(b) Reinstatement of Bus Shelter

The Clerk reported that CBC had agreed to press Story Homes to reinstate the bus shelter at the turning circle as soon as possible.

(c ) Repair to Noticeboard

Cllr Haile reported that Mr Edwards had agreed to carry out repairs in the next few days. The new Beach noticeboard will be installed shortly.



Cllr Killip suggested that the availability of allotments be publicised in St Bees News.

This would be done once the current position on allotment rentals had been clarified by the Clerk and Cllr Haile.



  • March meeting – Toni Magean and local police to talk about rowdyism, particularly in the area of the Beach car park. Cllr Clarkson to be invited to attend.
  • April meeting – CCC Emergency Planning Officer to be invited.



It was AGREED that the Annual General Meeting take place in May and the Annual Parish Meeting in June.



It was AGREED that the next meeting take place on Monday 21 March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.