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Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 18 April 2005

in the Village Hall


312.1 PRESENT: Cllr G P Smith (Chairman), Cllrs N Bettinson, J Haile, N Killip, R Mayow, D Millington, J Rance, M Richards, C Robson, J Rowlands, D Sim, V Turpin, D Warbrick and the Clerk

In attendance: 1 member of the public (Mr K Ross)


312.2 APOLOGIES: Cllr H Wilson


312.3 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST: Cllr Millington declared an interest in the planning application for Westlakes. Cllr Haile declared a non-pecuniary interest in the planning application for the Youth Centre.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 21 March 2005 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.(proposed by Cllr Turpin)


(a) Station Car Park

The Clerk reported that CBC supported the idea of a sign, subject to agreement on the wording. It was suggested that a ‘free car park’ sign was also needed at the entrance. The ticket machine had now been taken out of use. It was RESOLVED to progress discussions with CBC about the design and costs of signs. (proposed by Cllr Millington)

(b) Fairladies Car Park

The Chairman reported that work had begun on phase 3 without any progress on the provision of the car park or footpath. This would appear to be a breach of the conditions of the planning consent. The matter had been reported to the Principal Planning Officer who had asked the Enforcement Officer to investigate. A local resident had reported that she had been told by a representative of Story Homes that a land ownership issue was preventing progress with the footpath. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to CBC to check whether there were any legal issues delaying the building of the car park and footpath.(proposed by Cllr Sim)

(c) Beach Rd Footpath

The application to the Land Registry had now been withdrawn. A reply had been received from Brockbank Cain & Hall explaining that it had been appropriate to carry out the searches because the deeds had indicated that Mr Milburn had title to the land. Initial checks with the Land Registry had not revealed any dispute.

It was pointed out that the surface of the footpath was in a poor state of repair. It was RESOLVED that St Bees School be asked to consider resurfacing the footpath.

(d) Maintenance of Beach Facilities

The Clerk reported that CBC had responded to the issues raised at the last meeting. Two of the concrete seats had been removed for safety reasons and would be replaced as soon as possible. If it was not possible to find identical replacements CBC had undertaken to consult SBPC about the choice of design. CBC had agreed to address the concerns about the state of the toilet building and had indicated that they would be willing to pay a local person to be responsible for locking and unlocking the toilets to give greater flexibility over times. It was suggested that CBC advertise the post in St Bees News.



(e) Seacote Hotel

The Clerk outlined the information received from CBC about the licensing of fruit and gaming machines. A licence is required from the Environmental Health Dept for pony rides and CBC was checking that an appropriate licence had been granted.

(f) Insurance Claim – Litter bin

The Clerk reported that the bin was not covered by the insurance policy. It was RESOLVED that the need for changes to the cover be considered at the next meeting before renewal of the policy in June.(proposed by Cllr Warbrick)

(g) Noise Nuisance – Transmitter

The problem had been reported to Environmental Health who had agreed to investigate.

(h) Wire Fence – Coach Rd

It was noted that the wire fence alongside Coach Rd is still in need of repair. The fence is the property of St Bees School and it was RESOLVED that a letter be sent asking for repairs to be carried out. (proposed by Cllr Richards)



It was RESOLVED that the survey be returned incorporating the views of councillors on future developments. (proposed by Cllr Sim)



The following matters were identified for report to CCC:-

  • The post and rail fence alongside Coach Rd is in need of repair
  • The metal fence adjacent to the pavement in Station Rd has still not been repaired despite an earlier report to CCC
  • There is a pot-hole in the road outside Fleatham Farm
  • Drains are blocked south of the Station Car Park entrance, opposite 1 High House Rd, and outside Town Head Farm, Main Street



The following matters were identified for report to CBC:-

  • The light between nos 9 and 10 has still not been repaired
  • The light on Station Rd is in need of a new top section



(a) New Applications

  • Loughrigg Farm – erection of new general purpose building. No objections.
  • St Bees Youth Centre – erection of metal storage shed. No objections but some possible practical problems identified. Cllr Haile to discuss these with the Pre-School Group.
  • NDA, Westlakes Science Park – fenced enclosure for generator and condenser. No objections.
  • Jubilee House, Pallaflat – extension for 2 additional bedrooms and fitness suite. No objections.
  • 2 Seacroft Drive – remove dead wood and crown reduce 1 sycamore and 1 horse chestnut. Cllr Haile to check which trees are the subject of the application before response is sent to CBC.


(b) Amended Applications

  • Marsh House – amended plans have been circulated to adjoining landowners, although no copy has yet been formally received from CBC. The amended plan reduces the number of bedrooms. It was agreed that there would be no objection to the amended plan.

(c) Applications Approved

  • Wood Lane – extension to car park. Conditions attached to protect the pond and maintain access to footpath.
  • Seacote Park – machinery store and gas compound.
  • Blythe Place – outline permission for 4 dwellings
  • Ashley House – listed building consent for 4 rooflights
  • Transmitter Station, Ivy Hill Bank Top – erection of colinear antenna
  • Fleatham House – felling of elm, oak, sycamore and ash trees



(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be authorised (proposed by Cllr Millington, seconded by Cllr Bettinson):-

  • Cheque no 001105 Reimbursement to Cllr R Mayow for stile kit - £8.50+VAT (total £9.98) (approval of change of payee from Robin Hood Sawmill)
  • Cheque no 001106 Village in Bloom Petty Cash - £100
  • Cheque no 001107 Reimbursement to Cllr Smith for purchase of printer from Dabs.com for Parish Plan Committee - £189.72 + VAT (total £228.60)

(b) Internal Auditor

The Chairman reported that Mr J G Chandler had agreed to act as internal auditor subject to approval by this meeting. It was RESOLVED that Mr Chandler be appointed as internal auditor.(proposed by Cllr Smith)

(c) Bank Mandate

It was RESOLVED that the bank mandate be amended to allow transfer of funds between the current and reserve accounts to be authorised by one signature rather than three as at present.(proposed by Cllr Smith, seconded by Cllr Sim)



(a) Letter from Mr K Ross about traffic calming measures. The Chairman invited Mr Ross to address the meeting.

Mr Ross explained that his wife’s medical condition means that she is susceptible to fractures with the slightest movement. She is now virtually unable to leave home because there is no route out of the Beach estate without travelling over speed humps. Mr Ross asked that alternative means of reducing speed be considered as the area has no record of speed-related accidents and emergency vehicles are delayed in responding to emergency calls by the speed humps.

It was pointed out by councillors that the public poll had supported retention and modification of the speed humps. The same view had been expressed by residents in all areas of the village. The Parish Plan questionnaire to be circulated shortly would give residents a further opportunity to express a view.

It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to Cumbria Highways drawing attention to Mr Ross’letter and asking whether they have other advice to offer at this stage and, if their advice remains the same, requesting that the modifications are carried out as soon as possible.(proposed by Cllr Millington)



(b) Letter from Mrs Stamper about progress with donation of a seat. Cllr Haile had now visited Mrs Stamper to discuss siting of the seat. She would prefer the seat to be sited at the west end of the Dandy Walk to replace the existing seat. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to St Bees School requesting permission to replace the existing seat. (proposed by Cllr Haile)

(c) Letter from CBC seeking suggestions for inclusion in the Overview and Scrutiny Work Plan for 2005/6. Cllr Millington agreed to prepare a response.

(d) Letter from CCC about the creation of a Children’s Centre in Egremont. Cllr Rance to review the correspondence on behalf of SBPC.

(e) Letter received from St Bees Pre-School Group expressing thanks for the donation towards the cost of a storage shed.

(f) Letter from the Neighbourhood Development – Copeland giving dates for Neighbourhood Forum meetings:- Tues 7 June 2005 Egremont Parish Church Hall at 6.30pm

Tues 6 September 2005 St Bees Village Hall at 6.30pm

Tues 22 November 2005 Egremont Parish Church Hall at 6.30pm

Tues 14 February 2006 Egremont Parish Church Hall at 6.30pm



  • CALC Circular April 2005
  • DEFRA press release on Quality Parishes Scheme
  • Cumbria Asset Reinvestment Trust – new loan scheme leaflet
  • CPRE booklet – How to Respond to Planning Applications – an 8 step guide
  • Highways Agency A595 Detrunking – Proof of Evidence
  • Cumbria Constabulary – Recruitment publicity for Special Constables


It was noted that the footpath at Rottington was obstructed by barbed wire. The stile had not been fitted correctly. Cllr Mayow agreed to speak to the landowner concerned.



Cllr Robson reported on progress with the Sewell memoirs. A draft is now ready and an estimate of printing costs has been obtained. It is anticipated that sales will cover the costs but as agreed at the last meeting Centenary Book funds will be used to cover the initial cost. It was RESOLVED that a maximum of £500 be authorised from the Centenary Book Fund for this purpose. (proposed by Cllr Sim, seconded by Cllr Warbrick)



Millstone – It was noted that the millstone is leaning over and needs attention. Cllr Sim agreed to carry out an inspection before any decision is made on repair or resiting.

St George Statue – It was noted that the statue is leaning backwards. Cllr Sim agreed to carry out an inspection to assess the problem.



It was RESOLVED that the Annual General Meeting take place on Monday 16 May 2005 at 7.00pm followed by the monthly meeting of the Parish Council.