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Minutes of the Meeting of the St Bees Parish Council

held on Monday October 18th 2004 at 7.30 p.m. in the St Bees Village Hall.


280.1 ATTENDANCE . Cllr J A Haile (Chairman) Councillor D Sim, (Vice Chairman), N Killip, B Mayow, D Millington, D Warbrick, H Wilson, G P Smith, N Bettinson, M Richards, J Rowlands C Robson, VTurpin, J Rance and the Clerk.

280.2 APOLOGIES . There were no apologies .


280.3 MINUTESOF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. Cllr J Rowlands stated that according to the minutes he was in attendance at the last meeting. This was incorrect; he had advised the Clerk that he would not be able to attend owing to the fact he would be in Moscow. The Clerk apologised for the error and agreed that Cllr Rowlands had tendered his apologies. Cllr Smith noted that at the last meeting the Council had agreed that future minutes would focus on decisions and actions. Also that Councillors would normally only be named in reports, and as proposers and seconders. This had not been mentioned. The Chairman suggested that this should be included within the Procedures required to define the conduct of the Council. This was agreed. Cllr Smith had prepared draft Terms of Reference for the Finance sub-committee. These would be tabled for discussion at the next meeting. NB this issue was not in relation to Minutes of the Previous Meeting and should be moved to Financial Matters. This had The Chairman requested a proposal for the approval and signing of the minutes. Cllr M Richards proposed and Cllr D Millington seconded the motion. The Chairman duly signed the minutes. Cllr N Bettinson requested that a hard copy of all minutes and agenda be distributed to all Parish Councillors as well as emailed to those with email facilities.


280.4 MATTERS ARISING. (a) Traffic calming issue, the Chairman advised the meeting of the outcome of the CCC and CBC Local Area Committee on the 20 th September at Cleator Moor. The Chairman and the Clerk attended the meeting, the matter is now finalised, costs of £350.00 requested, no objection raised by the Committee for the allocation of this sum to the Parish Council. The policies on both Traffic Calming and parking prepared by Cllr D Sim and accepted at the 17 th May meeting were distributed to all present. (b) Fairladies car park, a meeting had taken place with Ms Heather Morrison, Chairman and Clerk in attendance. A site visit was to be arranged. (c) An advertisement for a new Parish Clerk now published in the local press, Parish Magazine and on the notice board. (d) Station Car Park, Clerk had been in contact with Mr K Parker of CBC, discussion with Parish Council are delayed until the 25 th October. (e) Path at the Beach Estate, Deeds signed Clerk to confirm with the Insurance Company the current liability and coverage. (f) Beach notice board, now ordered. (g) Caravan Site, letter from Mr Kennedy dated 24Septemberto Mr Pomfret CBC Planning tabled. This requested a site visit to investigate the current state of landscaping of the park. Mr Pomfret has already confirmed that the Officer responsible for agriculture and landscaping will visit the area and discuss with the owner. (h) Beach and foreshore bylaws, letter to CBC legal department tabled, still no response from the Home Office.


280.5 CORRESPONDENCE . (a) Application to transfer the Seacote Hotel Liquor Licence to Mrs Mark-Andoo. No objections. (b) CALC October circular tabled, AGM to be held on the 6 th November 2004. (c) Save Cumbria Fire Control Centre, proposed move from Cockermouth Cllr N Bettinson proposed and Cllr H Wilson seconded that The Clerk advise Cockermouth of the Parish Council’s opposition to the move of the Fire Control Centre. (d) Planning Aid North first community news brochure tabled. (e) Community Support Survey, reference Age Concern matters, Cllr M Richards will complete the survey. (f) Four publications of a varied nature on the side table.

280.6 PLANNING ISSUES. (a)Fairladies Farm and car park. As reported earlier in the meeting a site visit is to take place shortly. (b) Copeland Approval. Khandella two new dwellings. Town Head Farm Barn

conversion for two dwellings. (c) New Applications Springbank Farm, Cattle building, 11 Finkle Street extension to rear, West Lakes Properties Office building Plateau 9. (d) Amendments Rottington Hall details to one building attached. Not seen by Sub Committee, some trees to be removed in Fleetham House grounds.


281.1 PC FORUM. Cllr N Killip produced a draft of a policy on the application of Information Technology and the policy to be adopted by the Parish Council. Cllr N Killip had included reference to the “Freedom of Information Act” and the “Data Protection Act” but suggested that there should be a wider Council Policy on these issues as they extended beyond the IT policy. This approach was agreed. Meanwhile Cllr N Killip encouraged comments from Councillors on the draft policy prior to issue for agreement. All Parish Files have been backed up onto floppy discs. All files are also on hard copy. It was agreed that the Council should establish a policy on IT training for the Clerk. The Chairman thanked Cllr N Killip for his report.

The issue of the use and supply of the computing equipment was discussed, it was agreed that the Parish Council will provide a laptop and will investigate the telephonic costs involved. Cllr P Smith also suggested that an electronic projector be purchased for use at meetings. The increase in expenditure must be reviewed in next year’s budget.

281.2 PARISH PLAN. Cllr M Richards gave an overview on the progress to date. At the last meeting there two specific proposals, that the P C Plan working group become a formal sub committee and that the accounts would be audited by the Parish Council and included in the Annual Audit. Cllr P Smith proposed acceptance, all were in favour. The two meetings held with the Howgate Ward, a questionnaire to be developed and the second function was a Youth Disco held in Hodgetts, which was well attended, a Youth Committee was also established.


281.3 COPELAND BOROUGH COUNCIL Cllr H Wilson stated that there had no improvement to the cleaning of Abbey Road in the area of Abbott’s Court. Cllr N Bettinson advised the meeting that there had recently been a major improvement to the cleaning of the Main Street. Letter to CBC thanking them for their efforts.



Concerns again expressed about the state of drainage on the B5345.Drains are still not being cleaned correctly. Capita have been advised of the general state of this section from Demense Hill towards Bell House. The white lining on the road edge of the road from St Bees to Whitehaven is still unsatisfactory. The bridge on the St Bees to Egremont road requires reflectors for safety purposes to indicate narrowing of the road at that point. CCC has been contacted several times on this matter together with photographs.


281.5 FINANCIAL MATTERS . Cllr P Smith stated that a full report on the budget allocations for the financial year 2005/2006 would be tabled during the November meeting.


281.6 DONATIONS. (a) Pre-school Group. Storage area £420.00

(b) Village Hall. Office Space rental/pa. £ 50.00

(c) British Legion. £100.00

(d) New Village Youth Group. Start up fee. £400.00

(e) Village in Bloom

(f) Explorer Group. £200.00

(g) Parish Magazine. £250.00

(h) Garden Group. Hire Village Hall. £120.00


TOTAL: £1540.00

After discussion Cllr D Sim proposed acceptance of the schedule of donations and Cllr V Turpin seconded the motion.

281.7 Cheques to be presented for approval.

Cheque No. 001056 Cllr J A Haile Building materials. £ 104.64

Cheque No. 001057 Printpoint Invoice.8055. . £ 10.32

Cheque No. 001058 K Hammell, Grass cutting. July/ August. £ 155.00

Cheque No. 001059 Cllr D Sim for Clerk advert. £ 201.11

Cheque No. 001060 Dr I McAndrew. I T Services. £ 40.00


Cllr N Bettinson proposed approval of signing, Cllr P Smith seconded the motion.




282.1 ANY OTHER BUSINESS . Precept for 2005/2006 has to be with CBC finance by Jan 14 th 2005 at the latest. Cllr P Smith issued an analysis of the traffic calming survey forms and asked for volunteers to assist in drawing conclusions and the presentation of a report. Cllrs Sim and Millington agreed to work with Cllr Smith. Cllr D Sim proposed that Cllr P Smith should become Chairman of the Parish Council when Cllr J Haile‘s resignation takes effect. Following discussion a vote was held and Cllr P Smith was duly appointed as successor to Cllr J Haile.


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 15th November 2004 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.