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St Bees Parish Council - Who's Who

Chairman: Doug Sim

Vice-chairman: Grant Gilmour

Parish Clerk:

Jane Donaldson
East House,
Coulderton, Egremont,
CA22 2UR
Tel 01946 822560

Email address: pc_clerk@stbees.org.uk

Email link: Parish Clerk

Doug Sim, Chairman

Doug Sim, Chairman

Doug Millington,
Seamill Lane

Doug Millington Seamill Lane


John Haile,
High House Road

John Haile, High House Road


Tom Kelly, Seamill Lane


Neil Bettinson
Main Street

Neil Bettinson, Main Street


Jamie Lockie, Main St


Gus Kennedy, 
Finkle Street

Gus Kennedy, Finkle Street


Jon Mellor, Cross Hill


Chris Robson,
High House Road

Chris Robson High House Road


Neil Smart, Fairladies Est


Pam Argyle, Main Street



Maxine Riley, Abbey Road

Grant Gilmour,
The Crofts

Grant Gilmour, The Crofts


Hayley Monaghan, Seamill Lane

Parish Councillors are available to discuss any parish matters with the general public.

The Higher tiers of local government are represented by:

Cumbria County Council

Our ward Councillor is Henry Wormstrup

Copeland Borough Council

Our ward councillor is Ian Hill, who is also a Parish Councillor