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About us

Ian McAndrewThe village web site first saw the light of the internet in 1997, when I, Ian McAndrew, (on right) produced a very basic one simply because my ISP provided me with some web space!

It gradually grew over the years, until it reached the stage where it was an important village resource much used by visitors to the area, and those interested in the history of the village and local area. For this reason I decided to give the site and domain names to the St Bees Parish Council, to own on behalf of the village.

It thus became the "Official" St Bees web site, though I continue to manage it. In the last few years, I have been helped in this by Doug Sim who manages the Parish Council pages and is responsible for collating, producing and adding most of the historic material.


Doug Sim, Chairman Doug Sim



I hope you will enjoy browsing through the site, and that you will find it useful. If you plan to visit the village, you should find most of the information you need here. But if you can't, I am only too willing to help and answer your questions if I can. But please note that I only manage the web site and know about the village. I cannot book accommodation or send you tourist leaflets. Contact the hotels and B&Bs directly for the former (Accommodation ) and the Tourist Boards for the latter (Links ).

Webmaster - Ian McAndrew