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Village History

One of the difficulties faced in designing the layout of this web site for a village so full of history, was where to put historical items. The Priory has almost 1,000 years of history so many of the pages strictly belong within that section. But some of the history links the church with the history of St Bees School and the village, which has history linked to the Priory and the School. Other history is in the form of Essays by various people and it is appropriate to list these separately.

The simplest answer was to simply duplicate the links in various sections. This may mean that you may pick a link you have already seen, but on the other hand it may lead you to something you missed.

From here you have two options - If you have a specific interest, the quickest way to find what you want is by selecting the area from the menu on the left.

If you want to see everything or just browse, then the best choice is the History Index Table.

I hope you enjoy our village history.

Walking tour of village history

This new edition of "One thousand years of Village history" is a walking tour of village history.

Re-written May 2013, and on sale in the Priory Church History area now.

The history area has extensive displays of village history and you are very welcome to browse. Enter the church by the west door, and it is on the right.