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St Bes Priory has for many years had displays about the history of the church and its association with the village and St Bees School. However, although the information was profeessional the display formst left lot to be desired.

A chance meeting between Ian McAndrew and one of the directors of Hadrian's Wall Heritage led to further planned meetings and in time, with their help, to a grant of £45,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to pay for the professional displays now in the Priory.

These have greatly increased the number of visitors to the Priory, particularly Coast to Coast walkers, who all too often simply arrived in St Bees and set off without any exploration of the village. Now members of the History Group frequently arrange to meet walking groups and give them a short lecture about the village and its history. These have proved very popular and can be arranged via the webmaster of this site.