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The Annual Village Fete

Village FeteThe Village School Fete is organised by the Village School Association and is an annual event which usually takes place on the third Saturday in June. Although primarily a school event, it draws people from the village and surrounding area both as spectators and participants. It is run as a village event and a fund raiser for the school, and is a huge success in both these aims.

The event commences with a Fancy Dress Parade along St Bees Main Street. Entries are as one would expect mainly from children, but adults frequently join in the fun, and enter floats. Planning of these is both intense and secretive, with teams entering from different parts of the village and from different pubs.

The task of judging of the various children's classes and and of the floats falls on the Guest(s) of Honour who have the unenviable task of leading the processions and then trying to pick winners from a high standard of entries! Following the parade and judging, various stalls and games are available. The Cake and Plant Stalls are particularly popular with customers queuing waiting for the event to be formally opened!

Various games are available for the children (and adults) to enjoy. A popular event is the Tug of War competition, with adult and junior teams taking part. The adult competition, usually between Pub Teams is a hard fought event. The children's competition is perhaps less intense but no less hard fought. However, it is with great regret and embarrassment that it has to be admitted that cheating has been noted on occasions with young, light weight teams suddenly acquiring additional team members during pulls!